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Month: February, 2007

Don’t Kill the Press Release, Shoot the Messenger

Taking a step back from the highly publicized and globally viewed online game show series, “Get It or Don’t Get It,” I am still shaking my head wondering at what point the communications industry stopped paying attention to the need for evolution. Millions of bloggers (not to mention journalists) use traditional releases to write stories everyday. Customers read SEO press releases in Yahoo and Google to make decisions. The idea behind the new media release is to improve the foundation,…

DEMO 07 Though Pictures

I’m at DEMO – unofficially working with Ephraim Schwartz and Steve Fox of Infoworld. I’m snapping a ton of pictures and they’re running them in online stories and their DEMO slideshows. Pictures are worth a thousand words….so, I’ve decided to cover DEMO as more of a photo journalist than a live blogger. UPDATE: Here’s a link to the entire album of 300 pictures from the event. I’ll write a more formal review of the show – post DEMO unfortunately –…

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