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Month: February, 2008

THE SEMMYS Recognize The Social Media Manifesto

I guess I must have been running a bit too fast lately, because I missed the fact that “The Social Media Manifesto, The Future of Corporate Communications,” made the finals for THE SEMMYS. Had I known, I would have asked for your help during the voting process 😉 THE SEMMYS tracks and ranks the year’s best posts in search engine marketing. Quite honestly, I was happy to be included in the finals. The manifesto finished as a runner up to…

PR People: Do As I Say, and, As I Do

…bloggers, reporters, that goes for you too. Tom Foremski and me at a recent PRSA event, holding “Now is Gone” You’ve heard it a million times. Read the work of the person you’re trying to reach before you pitch them. Sometimes we do. Most of the time we don’t. And, we’ve all witnessed what happens when you don’t – thank you very much Mr. Chris Anderson. Tom Foremski is not only a brilliant journalist, videographer, and blogger, he is also…

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