Coming Soon: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

I’m extremely happy to announce that I just submitted the last chapter for my upcoming book with co-author Deirdre Breakenridge, someone for whom I have great respect and admiration.

The book is already in production and we still have a few bits of final editing and tweaking ahead of us. We’ll follow up to let you know more once we have the final timeline available.

Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: How Social Media Is Reinventing the Aging Business of PR.

Please note that this is a holding page for the early preview release of the book and it is not representative of the final cover nor the book’s official description.

Once published, Deirdre and I will be in a city near you!

Looking forward to it…stay tuned.

I’ll also start returning to a regular blogging schedule very soon.

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  • brian koh

    Congratulations Brian! I look forward to reading it! -)

  • Matt

    Very exciting news Brian. Looking forward to reading it. Hopefully Kansas City will be a stop on the tour.

  • Stowe Boyd

    What? Another damn book?

  • Shana

    Sounds like a great read. I look forward to it, as well as the webinar next week!

  • pressreleasepr

    Look forward to the new book, Brian.

    I’ve been advocating for a LONG time that the PR agencies/professionals that don’t adapt to social media will soon be as relevant as George Bush’s foreign policies.

    It’s a changing world out there and failing to adapt to this change is simply failing.


Brian Solis is principal at Altimeter Group, a research firm focused on disruptive technology. A digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on business, marketing, and culture. Solis is also globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. His new book, What's the Future of Business (WTF), explores the landscape of connected consumerism and how business and customer relationships unfold and flourish in four distinct moments of truth. His previous book, The End of Business as Usual, explores the emergence of Generation-C, a new generation of customers and employees and how businesses must adapt to reach them. Prior to End of Business, Solis released Engage, which is regarded as the industry reference guide for businesses to market, sell and service in the social web.

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