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  1. KyleWith says:

    Just putting it out there, now that it is so easy to share. Can we have Consumers, Creators and Curators? Curators being people who sort through and share – repost – good content, they have consumed?

  2. Vinanti V says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this consumer demands created by manuplating the demand for consumption. is a fine example for all our fears as everyone is standing in front their content and thinking their akward images of doing absolutely nothing but making stupid faces and talk muck … means creative content … thanks to YouTube’s welcoming anything and everything in the name of democracy for individualized expression. Everyone feels their own image makes them the expert to say and do what they want. Let’s concentrate on creating and sharing unique ideas that can transcend towards learning – whether it be the stupid face on YouTube whose greatest desire is to be simply seen and heard … with no a clue in the head that there is something we are all learning … even through the misguidedness of stupidity …

  3. says:

    Depends how one defines “create” – does adding commentary onto news pieces or blogposts or opinon pieces create content? I would suggest it does. On Twitter, I don’t think simply posting a piece’s title and the link is enough – what do you think about it? Why is it relevant? and so on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This post triggers thoughts. I personally mostly see myself as a “heavy” cunsumer and learner in the social economy, in one sense. If I am to be compared with social media “gurus” or experts such as yourself, and many of those I follow on Twitter, I am definately a learner. I find it extremely useful to follow people who have the time to sort and scan and share interesting posts and thoughts. But in another sense I am definately a creator, and that is that I take what I learn, both from others and from my own experiences when testing things, and adapt these learnings into the online channels I am responsible for in my work. And, internally in the company I then become an expert in the organization when I share my experiences and learnings, in a way teaching. But this said, taking the step from here to formulating my own ideas into posts on my blog or Twitter so that they would be open for anyone to criticize is a different thing. I have ideas and thoughts and I do create, but in comparison to established well formulated sources I tend to not allowing myself just to elaborate those thoughts in public. Though i guess since many people would not notice my ideas since my audience is small (minimal :)) I should allow myself to create even more. This is something I believe that many other “non-creators” share; being at the edge of a pool of well respected experts who all seem to “know” and follow eachother, but not taking the step into the discussion, with fear of saying the “wrong ” thing. Thought the discussion would probably benefit. Thanks anyway for sharing your thougts.

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