Why ask why?

Why not?

Why make excuses?

Why ignore what it is that will help you stop making excuses?

Why stay where your dreams are suffocated?

Why would you settle for less than anything than you believe in?

Why be unhappy when you could be appreciated for what makes you…you?

Well, because it’s [seemingly] easier.

But, it’s not who you really are…

It takes courage to follow your dreams, courage most cannot find, but that’s why you are YOU and others are not.

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  • http://www.mynotetakingnerd.com/ Dexter Abraham

    Tony Robbins says the questions we ask ourselves will determine our success in life.

    So True.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    • http://www.briansolis.com/ briansolis

      @Chiefmynotetakingnerd:disqus Thank you for sharing!

  • craig robertson

    I Like this and I would like a T-Shirt please :)
    Regards, Craig

    • http://www.briansolis.com/ briansolis

      Working on it!

  • Cindy

    I’ll take a t-shirt, too! Thank you for this great reminder. I’ve been asking these questions of myself a lot lately. It’s time I take charge and change. Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/teedubya Travis Wright

    “Because I said so.” That’s what my mom and dad always said. :-) I second the notion of Tony Robbins and the questions we ask ourselves. They can empower or destroy us.

  • http://YourStressMatters.com Dr. Rae

    Many years ago I decided to only use questions that begin with “how” and “what”…
    For me they f For me they feel more powerful, and help me take control of my life than “when” “who” and “why”! H How about you? ~Dr. Rae

    questions that

  • http://twitter.com/yoyotechit yoyotechit

    Don’t you remember the childhood argument…why? because. why? because. why? BECAUSE. It just kept going. The bottom line…asking why and really answering…giving an honest answer…and facing the truth…is really difficult if you don’t know what it is you stand for. So, as the artist Fun sings…”what do I stand for? what do I stand for? most nights…I don’t know, anymore.” Figure it out. It will help you answer Why? and then…those dreams start creating magic and the universe won’t be able to ignore you….anymoooorrre. yoyotechit.com and borlandcountry.blogspot.com are a result of asking why? and today…I am living my dream…in an amateurish way, however I am doing what I love…and that is following my heart. Listen…you can hear it if you try.

  • Anonymous

    because life so short…

  • http://twitter.com/Rumford Rodney Rumford

    Most people won’t jump. The known hell is better than the unknown for many people. It is this fear that holds most people captive. It is a known truth that most people don’t embrace change well. Which is most unfortunate. In fact a much better way to look at this is “Why Not?”. This helps people see what could be the worst thing that could happen and hopefully helps them jump. :)

    Another fairly relevant issue around why and business/products…. the book Start With Why. Great read..

    • http://www.briansolis.com/ briansolis

      Thank you Rodney. This is great.

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