Announcing This Year’s Theme and Agenda for the 2013 Pivot Conference: The Total Digital Experience


Companies at the leading edge of change are recognizing that Social isn’t the catalyst for transformation, it is a shift in human behavior that changes everything. Social and its partner in change, mobile, can’t be limited to particular campaigns or even to specific departments. This revolution impacts employees and customers and all parts of the enterprise. There are no boundaries now; everything is integrated.

This year at Pivot, we will be exploring topics that reset our perspective of where we are and where we’re going including, The New Emerging Economies, driven by sharing, empathy and co-creation; The Rise of Integrated Experiences; The New Media-Audience Dynamic; Innovation and The Future-Ready Organization; The Confounding Power of Content; and the Long-term Impacts of Social on both business and society.


To bring these themes to life, we have assembled a rich array of speakers including GM’s leader of business transformation, the NFL’s head of emerging experiences, Intel’s head of Ambassador program, the CEO of, the CMO of Marsh-Mclennon, Kraft Food’s director of corporate affairs. They will be joined by senior execs from Ben&Jerry’s, Southwest Airlines, Pepsi, ADT, SalesForce and many others.

Alongside brands will stand some of the most foreword-thinking executives, analysts, academics and futurists on the Social Revolution. Esther Dyson, David Edelman of McKinsey, Douglas Rushkoff, Mark Anderson of Strategic News Service and Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable, will all speak to the Pivot 2013 audience.

As always, Pivot interposes thought leaders from adjacent industries to test and reshape our perspective. Novelist Neal Stephenson will talk about the future of storytelling. Covert Affairs star Chris Gorham, will discuss his new relationship with his audience. AOL co-founder, sports team owner and tech legend Ted Leonsis will show how he is remaking the business of movies.

See the full speaker and agenda list here.

We can’t wait and we hope to see you there with us at Pivot 2013 in NYC on October 15-16. Use code “BrianNetwork” to receive a 30% discount.



Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and also a futurist. In his work at Altimeter Group, Solis studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. He is an avid keynote speaker and award-winning author who is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in digital transformation.

His most recent book, What's the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences (WTF), explores the landscape of connected consumerism and how business and customer relationships unfold in four distinct moments of truth. His previous book, The End of Business as Usual, explores the emergence of Generation-C, a new generation of customers and employees and how businesses must adapt to reach them. In 2009, Solis released Engage, which is regarded as the industry reference guide for businesses to market, sell and service in the social web.

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