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Month: December, 2013

Time to Grow Up! Social businesses mature, yet many still lack a strategic foundation [infographic]

Time to Grow Up! Social businesses mature, yet many still lack a strategic foundation [infographic]

This year has been particularly busy yet productive for Charlene Li and me having published two reports that detail the six stages of social business evolution and the true state of social business in 2013, an ebook on how successful social businesses are evolving, and an image-rich slide deck complete with all the graphs and charts you need to benchmark where you are compared to other social businesses. Now Charlene and I are proud to introduce our latest infographic that…

Brian Solis on the Future of Public Relations

Despite his status as a noted author, blogger and social media expert, Brian Solis said that he never stops learning. “I’m still a student,” he said during the Oct. 27 General Session at the 2013 PRSA International Conference. And he implored attendees to keep learning as well. “Everything you think you know isn’t all you need to know. It takes a new perspective to see what the future is,” said Solis, principal analyst at the Altimeter Group. “That’s why it’s…

LinkedIn: A Free Holiday Ebook Featuring The Top 10 Influencer Posts

LinkedIn released a very clever ebook that features 10 of LinkedIn’s favorite Influencer posts (now Pulse). Per LinkedIn, “This timeless collection was hand-crafted just for you, the marketer, and we hope it will inspire, educate, and entertain just as every great piece of content should.” The ebook features… Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs and Author of “Content Rules” Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor at Wharton…

Demand Horizon: A Revolutionary Approach to Creating Great Products

Demand Horizon: A Revolutionary Approach to Creating Great Products

Gerry Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, investor and adviser (bio). He’s also a good friend. Gerry has just published a new book, Demand Horizon: A Revolutionary Approach to Creating Great Products. The book introduces a new mental model for understanding and adapting to the demand-driven economy. It’s a framework for making sense of the new rules in product creation, offering both strategic understanding and practical actions for adapting to the new rules of business. Demand Horizon shines a light on…

Global Media Respond to Brian Solis’ Appearance at Le Web

Global Media Respond to Brian Solis’ Appearance at Le Web

Brian Solis presented his thoughts on the “Next 10 Years” at LeWeb in Paris, one Europe’s largest tech conferences. He focused on the importance of innovation that drives toward disruption…looking beyond creativity. Solis shared the characteristics of what he terms, “The Dilemma’s Innovator” to solve problems and create opportunities. French media responded well to his message. Following is a roundup of some of the coverage to come out of LeWeb. Les stars de Le Web 2013 : Brian Solis, l’innovation…

Slideshare Features Brian Solis’ LeWeb 2013 Presentation

As LeWeb™, one of Europe’s biggest tech conferences, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Paris this week, attendees and speakers took a look ahead at the next decade. What are the new trends and technology that will revolutionize the way we work and live? Who will be the new pioneers of innovation? The rising power of the consumer (both as individuals and groups), new currencies and payment systems, wearable technology and the “quantified self” were all topics discussed. Take a closer…

Pros don’t think Twitter is worth the hype, Brian Solis thinks they’re wrong

The New York Post’s Sara Ashley O’brien noticed that top financial analysts were shifting Twitter from a buy to sell rating. As she cleverly noted, “Some analysts have been quick to give Twitter the bird — but does the company deserve it?” But, digital technology analyst Brian Solis of the research company Altimeter Group sees a brighter future, provided Twitter can face its unique challenges as successfully as Facebook. Like Facebook had to do, Twitter must generate revenue with new…

The Future of Marketing: Brian Solis Q&A

Vocus hosted a webinar which discussed the Future of Business and Marketing with WTF author and Altimeter Principal Analyst Brian Solis. At the end of his presentation, Solis received more questions than he could answer live. He took the time to think through the most recurrent themes and shared his thoughts with Vocus for a follow-up article. Q: We are a computer / network system integrator. Our audience are IT managers in mid-sized corporations, with an age range of 40…

The 100 Must Follow On Twitter 2014

The 100 Must Follow On Twitter 2014

Vala Afshar just published his Top 100 “Must Follow” Twitter accounts for 2014 on Huffington Post. Brian Solis (@briansolis) joins 99 other thought leaders and market makers. According to Afshar, “These 100 Twitter account will educate you on the very latest and best business, technology and leadership practices. They will inspire you and also accelerate your personal and professional growth potential. And most importantly, these 100 accounts will generously engage with you. Better connections, better experiences.”

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