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B2B Marketing: Top tech marketers reveal their favourite B2B tech campaigns

by Alex Clarke, B2B Marketing (Excerpt)

The B2B tech space is one synonymous with competitive marketing. It’s an unforgiving battlefield, where creative edge and reckless flair are fundamental to campaign success.

To explore what the leading B2B brands are doing right, we asked seven masters of the field to choose their favourite recent tech campaigns and explain why it stood out from the crowd. […]

Sandy Carter, CEO and CMO of Ecosystems, reveals that she loves the Cision campaign around the manifesto for PR, ‘What if PR Stood for People and Relationships?.

She writes, “A great campaign is personal, leverages influencers, engages and focuses on the clients’ value – even in the land of B2B, and this is exactly what Cision does. It uses humour and comics…” and that is what behind the rise of the [marketing] machine,” CMO influencers Brian Solis.


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