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CNBC: For Mark Zuckerberg, this top-ranked app is the one that got away

by Ari Levy, CNBC

Bitmoji app

Snap’s secret weapon: Bitmoji 

Snap’s success is built on the smashing popularity of its mobile texting and picture-sharing service Snapchat, which is currently the second-most popular free app in the Apple store.

Thanks to a $64.2 million acquisition last year, Snap also owns the one iPhone app that’s ranked higher: Bitmoji. […]

When Snap made its move for Bitmoji last March, the app wasn’t yet available to Snapchat users. But it was popular enough on other platforms that the potential was obvious… After all, Snapchat is inherently about sharing pictures and images and is geared toward a younger demographic.

“Without having a killer application, Bitmoji just existed as a novelty and Facebook wasn’t a killer platform for it,” said Brian Solis, an analyst covering social media at Altimeter Group. “Snap is a better fit.” […]

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