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Revoo: Brian Solis, digital analyst, speaker, and author talks to Richard Anson (podcast)

Revoo: Brian Solis, digital analyst, speaker, and author talks to Richard Anson (podcast)

by Richard Anson, Revoo

After a lovely summer break I’m back with new podcast episodes – first up I’m talking to Brian Solis, digital analyst, speaker and author.

In his day job, Brian is a principal analyst studying disruptive technology and its impact on business at Altimeter Group, a research firm acquired by global brand management consultancy Prophet in 2015.

He also publishes a ton of his own research about digital transformation – Brian’s helped countless businesses, leaders and founders (including myself).

We talked about:

• Online/offline mergers and acquisitions (like Amazon/Whole Foods) and the strategy behind them;
• Why removing beers from the office can be a fatal move;
• Digital transformation done right – and wrong;
• The right mindset for effective disruption;
• The difference between startups and older businesses;
• ‘Digital Darwinism’ – the evolution of tech, society and everything in between;
• Examples of businesses that have revolutionised without losing revenue;
• Where most businesses fail to evolve (with Kodak as an example);
• Why we need a new breed of company leadership;
• How innovations by tech companies change consumer expectations in all industries;
• And what Brian thinks is the right approach to change.

People Tell Richard Stuff: Episode 46
Brian Solis, digital analyst, speaker and author

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