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Revive Social: Brian Solis is one of Top 100 social media people to follow on Twitter

by Adelina Tuca, Revive Social (excerpt)

Top 100 Social Media People to Follow on Twitter

Why should you care about promoting your brand on social media and perhaps connecting with some of these top 100 social media people to follow on Twitter? Because the social part of your online business plays one of the main roles in spreading the word about you and your services in this day and age.

No matter how good you are at something, you still need online marketing if you want to grow. Here’s why:

95% of adults between 18 and 34 years old are most likely to follow your brand via social [1]
71% of consumers who have a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others [2]
There are 2.56 billion mobile social media users in the world; also, 1 million new active users are added every day [3]

Therefore, being out there, on social, and interacting with people is key if you want to make your brand known. But how do you get to build a trustworthy community? By learning from the best in the field; you can either read the best blogs about social media or get in touch with the experts directly. And it’s not that hard to do the latter as long as you’re on Twitter.

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