Retour sur la conférence de Brian SOLIS : 3 grands principes du marketing de demain

Se présentant lui-même comme un geek, attiré par la technologie et la programmation, Brian SOLIS (son blog est consultable ici), Principal analyst chez ALTIMETER GROUP, nous a fait l’immense plaisir d’intervenir lors d’une visio-conférence organisée dans le cadre du MSc e-Business Manager de l’ISTA.

Tenue au campus de la Fonderie à Mulhouse, le thème de l’échange était le suivant : Vision prospective des réseaux sociaux.

Retour sur 3 grands principes du marketing de demain…


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Brian Solis: The Future of Business. Innovate or Die

Earlier this year, Natascha Thomson interviewed Brian Solis about his book, What’s the Future of Business (WTF), at an event hosted by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC).

Here’s a sub-set of the questions addressed in the above video:

Everybody seem to be talking about the Future of Work now. Are the future of work and the future of business the same thing?

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99 Best Facebook Pages to Follow for Aspiring Marketers


Post Planner assembled a list of the top 99 best Facebook pages for aspiring marketers. Note: the people on this list were selected in no particular order. It’s impossible to rank a dynamic group like this!

The list includes heavyweights like:

  • Chalene Johnson
  • Sue B. Zimmerman
  • PewDiePie
  • Jessica Northey
  • Brian Solis
  • Ann Handley

Please enjoy the article & get ready to Like & follow a few new pages & profiles.

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Brian Solis at the Criteo Mobile Rountable In San Francisco

Listen to Brian Solis’s perspective on the future of mobile commerce as he moderated and heard digital marketing experts from Popsugar, Groupon and Ruelala. These experts explored how they are thinking about trends like mcommerce, mobile pay and their consumer’s mobile experience. Brian also reflected on Criteo’s Q1 Mobile Commerce report presented by Criteo‘s Jonathan Wolf. Get the full report here.

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Epoch Times: What’s the Future of Big Data in Hospitality?


In Phil Butler’s piece for the Epoch Times, he explores Brian Solis’ concept of shared experiences as a significant source to the question, “What’s the Future of Big Data in Hospitality?

All that’s missing in such an integration of services would be what my friend Brian Solis calls “Experience Architecture”. This recent article by Brian discusses the kind of development we may be seeing from Shiji and SnapShot.

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The Top Digital Influencers: Dealing Out The Brandwatch Twitter Top Trumps

Via BrandWatch

Last Thursday we hosted our first UK Brandwatch Live event.

In a swanky west London bar we got together with some of the leading minds in social to explore two meaty topics: social media and business intelligence.

To mark the event, our design team fused their creative minds together to build something memorable for each attendee.

The outcome was Twitter Top Trumps with a distinctly Brandwatch flavor, featuring some of the leading influencers online.

Read More Brian Solis On Why Marketers Should Care About Millennials [video]

by Simon Nicholson,

What is a Millennial, and why should a marketer care? That was the question addressed by Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at the Altimeter Group, in a live chat hosted at Adobe Summit EMEA in April (Adobe is’s parent company).

Solis is a digital analyst, business strategist and futurist, and he was speaking as part of the Innovations and Thought Leaders track at the Summit. He also took part a live chat on the topic of ‘Millennials’, and specifically how this group related to marketing. And given that we were talking about Millenials, we thought it was fitting to also stream the chat on Periscope.

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WWD: Retail Innovations Beyond Online Shopping Carts

Women’s Wear Daily was on hand to catch Brian Solis’ presentation at OneStop’s inaugural brand summit.

“Many retailers and others online are still introducing services and digital features that only build upon old ways of doing business,” point out Brian Solis. “We’re bringing to the customer all this rooted legacy…that’s ruinding the experience for the new customer,” Solis said.

“The on-demand economy is more important than the sharing economy,” Solis added.

More here.

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The State of Influencer Engagement in 2015



Augure released its second edition of its research on the State of Influencer Engagement. This year, the company surveyed over 600 communications and marketing professionals from 32 countries and 30 different fields with the aim of understanding their challenges and best practices when rolling out their influencer programs. The report features digital analyst and author Brian Solis.



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Station Summit 2015: Think like a viewer. Act like a digital marketer


by Paige Albiniak, Brief

No one likes change, but in order to survive in this rapidly evolving world, TV station executives need to hold their noses and jump in, said Brian Solis, principal analyst and author at Altimeter Group, addressing attendees at PromaxBDA’s Station Summit.

“Digital Darwinism is affecting every single industry out there today, not just television,” said Solis. “More than 40 percent of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010.”

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Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and also a futurist. In his work at Altimeter Group, Solis studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. More so, he humanizes technology’s causal effect to help people see people differently and understand what to do about it. He is an award-winning author and avid keynote speaker who is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in digital transformation and innovation.

Brian has authored several best-selling books including What’s the Future of Business (WTF), Engage! and The End of Business as Usual. His blog,, is ranked as a leading resource for insights into the future of business, new technology and marketing.

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