TheStreet: Kim Kardashian Didn’t Break the Internet, But She Did Set a New Benchmark


Jenn Van Grove writing for TheStreet set out to understand the economic impact of Kim Kardashian’s now infamous Paper magazine cover. To do so, Van Grove also needed to make sense of media and popular culture to find the reasons behind the stunt. To do so, she spoke with digital analyst and anthropologist Brian Solis who shared his unfiltered thoughts on the subject. The article is now live here.

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BizBash: Brian Solis on the Future of Events in a Connected Society


Brian Solis, a digital analyst and futurist, delivered the keynote address at the annual Elevate New York conference organized by BizBash and Eventbrite for event strategists. The BizBash editorial team covered the event and just published a summary of Brian’s presentation (video below).

As the BizBash team surmised, Brian believes that event and meeting professionals are primed to become experience architects and, when it comes to technology, shouldn’t think digital first, but rather experience first.

From BizBash:

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Business Insider: The 30 Best People In Advertising To Follow On Twitter


Business Insider’s Lara O’Reilly assembled a must-follow list of the 30 best people in advertising to follow on Twitter. Brian Solis came in at number 24.

Here’s an excerpt:

Almost every major brand harnesses Twitter to share news and build up a dialog with their customers. But, surprisingly, very few of the people behind those brands — the marketing teams, agency executives and creators of the tech that power digital advertising — use Twitter in the same way for themselves.

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BizTech: 50 Must-Read IT Blogs 2014

Ricky Ribeiro over at BizTech Magazine assembled the 50 must-read IT blogs for 2014. Based on input from readers and also the editorial team, Brian Solis has once again made the list.


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FOX Business: Google Takes Aim at Hollywood Studio Model with YouTube

Robert Gray (@robertdgray) of FOXBusiness covered the rise of YouTube Spaces and Google’s investments in creating real world communities of aspiring Youtubers. Robert spoke with Brian Solis to get his perspective on the reasons behind the story…

Google is trying to create “space” between its market leading YouTube video sharing platform and its competitors by disrupting the Hollywood studio model.

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Brian Solis on Digital Transformation

Gloria Lombardi of Simply Communicate caught up with Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group Brian Solis, to learn what organizations are doing to adapt to the 21st Century. In this exclusive interview we also discuss about their recently announced partnership with Capgemini Consulting.

Gloria Lombardi: Digital Transformation. What does it involve? And, which companies are doing well?

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ClickZ: Brian Solis and the A.R.T. of Engagement

In this exclusive video interview with ClickZ following his keynote, Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis shares the importance of experience in each of the four moments of truth and explains how the “A.R.T.” of engagement can change marketing.

Companies need to rethink their business models and focus on the customer experience, journey, and relationships that they nurture, said Brian Solis, author, futurist, and principal analyst at Altimeter Group, at his opening keynote at ClickZ Live Chicago this week.

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Brian Solis Writes Foreword to Steve Rosenbaum’s New Book, “Curate This!”


Steve Rosenbaum released his new book, “Curate This,” to help readers learn the ins and outs content curation. This is his second book and also the second time Brian has had the privilege to write his foreword.

Steve has graciously allowed us to share the foreword with you here…

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Ask the Expert: Brian Solis on Thought Leadership Strategy

As a digital analyst, futurist, and anthropologist, Brian Solis has a keen understanding of how emerging technology effects modern-day business and marketing. He is also the author of What’s the Future of Business (WTF), which explores business and customer relationships in today’s professional landscape. LinkedIn also partnered with Brian and his company, Altimeter Group, to research the lessons we can learn from the most socially engaged companies.

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13 Speakers to Book for Conferences Right Now


Jenny Berg of BizBash, a source for news, ideas and resources for the event-planning industry named the 13 speakers to book for conferences right now. Brian Solis was listed as one of the most engaging and genuine speakers when it comes to tech, society, and the future. Brian was listed along side the likes of Steve Harvey, Lindsey Vonn, Peyton Manning, Tony Hsieh, Kevin Spacey and Ray Kruzweil.

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Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and also a futurist. In his work at Altimeter Group, Solis studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. More so, he humanizes technology’s causal effect to help people see people differently and understand what to do about it. He is an award-winning author and avid keynote speaker who is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in digital transformation and innovation.

Brian has authored several best-selling books including What’s the Future of Business (WTF), Engage! and The End of Business as Usual. His blog,, is ranked as a leading resource for insights into the future of business, new technology and marketing.

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  • Brian Solis, Future of Business Forum, Oslo
  • Brian Solis, Future of Business Forum, Oslo
  • Brian Solis, Future of Business Forum, Oslo