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MarketWatch: Twitter revenue could go big, but Wall Street won’t care

via Therese Poletti, MarketWatch Excerpt… When Twitter Inc. reports earnings on Wednesday, revenue could be much larger than expected, based on the mobile ad growth trend that propelled Facebook Inc. and Google to earnings beats. But even if Twitter does surprise with big mobile-ad sales, most investors in the beleaguered San Francisco-social media company won’t care. Wall Street has been much more focused on Twitter’s user growth as the key barometer to its future, not revenue growth. For the last…

10 of the Best CX Resources Online

10 of the Best CX Resources Online

Posted by Matan Magril, LivePerson Today we’re all about the customer experience — aka, CX. We want to buy from brands we believe in. Whether it’s online or in person, we want a meaningful brand promise and connection. We want the experience to match our ideal perception of the brand to vindicate a purchase and extend brand loyalty. As professionals charged with delivering on brand promise and experience, we feel more pressure than ever to meet and exceed consumer expectations….

Prezly: Guide to Influencer Marketing Featuring Brian Solis

Prezly: Guide to Influencer Marketing Featuring Brian Solis

  by Prezly The phrase Influencer Marketing is cropping up more often than ever. The concept of creating relationships with those who have the ability, authority or platform to influence a certain audience has evolved wildly over the last ten years. When scouring the web we saw plenty of experts and information out there, but nobody had joined the dots. It was like seeing all the ingredients to bake an incredible cake but nobody had put it in the oven….

t3n: Die größten Online-Marketing-Trends 2016

t3n: Die größten Online-Marketing-Trends 2016

via t3n Was sind die Online-Marketing-Trends 2016? Diese Fragen haben wir 15 Experten gestellt, darunter Mitch Joel, Meike Leopold und Marcus Tandler. Ihre Antworten fasst dieser Artikel zusammen. „Strategy first, Trends later“ war das Schlusswort der Online-Marketing-Trends 2015. Auch 2016 betonten diesen Punkt einige der von uns befragten Experten mit Hinweis auf die Basics guten Marketings: die Strategie. Brian Solis fordert Blick aufs große Ganze, die „Customer Journey“ Diese Bedeutung der kanalübergreifenden Kommunikation leitet Brian Solis , Principal Analyst der Altimeter Group  und mehrfacher Buchautor , gleich…

Direct Marketing: The Brian Solis Experience

via Al Urbanski, Direct Marketing He may not be Jimi Hendrix , but his new book asks, “Are you experienced?” and your answer is likely to be, “No.” A beautiful, glossy, four-color coffee table book called X arrived for me in the mail. I thought it was meant for the senior editor of Maxim and got to me by mistake. But no, it was social media analyst Brian Solis’s new book, subtitled “The experience when business meets design.” Solis’s colorful format belies a grave undercurrent in…

NY Times: Marketing in the Moments, to Reach Customers Online

via NY Times, Rob Hof Excerpt MOMENTS are having a moment in advertising. Or at least a micromoment.As people flit from app to app online, they have little patience for any interruption, especially a banner ad or, heaven forbid, a 30-second commercial. Moments, whether they come during a 10-second Snapchat video or Twitter’s new collection of real-time news bites — called, fittingly enough, Moments — increasingly are all companies have to market against.Companies that buy and sell online advertising are…

Brian Solis Talks X on GatherGeeks Podcast by BizBashMedia

Brian Solis Talks X on GatherGeeks Podcast by BizBashMedia

GG08: Tech-Smart Events: Beyond the Shiny New Toys ReleasedJan 14, 2016 Hosts: Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger. Guests: David Adler, Brian Solis With seemingly endless technology options for events and meetings these days, it’s easy to focus on what’s new and buzzy. But are industry professionals really making the connection between the technology and attendee experience? And how can organizers get from new tech to smart tech? In this episode, hosts Brandt Krueger and Audrey Gallien are joined by digital…

Neocom15: Customer Experience is the Sum of Emotional Reactions

As 2015 drew to a close, Brian flew to Düsseldorf to close out NEOCOM, an annual event for multichannel retail and commerce. There, he spoke about “retail re-imagined,” redesigning the online and offline shopping experience based on the incredible technology and behavioral trends playing out now and over the next few years. Following the event, he met with the NEOCOM team to shoot a short three-minute video that he would love for you to see. Video Topics/Questions: – Iteration vs. Iteration –…

Small Business Trends: Businesses Should Create Experiences, Not Just Products or Services

via Small Business Trends, Brent Leary Brian Solis is one of the leading futurists/digital anthropologists in business today.  And his books, “The End of Business as Usual” and “What’s the Future of Business” are best sellers and required reading to anyone interested in digital transformation.  And his new book, “X: The Experience when Business Meets Design“ is probably his most ambitious — and impressive — book, focusing on the importance of experienced design and the role it will play in business…

Direct Marketing – Does Twitter Have a Future as a Marketing Medium?

by Al Urbanski, Senior Editor, Direct Marketing Excerpt Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s blog post this week heralding the end of the 140-character limit on tweets was met with surprise and consternation from most quarters. Isn’t the succinct electronic message the thing that defines Twitter? Perhaps, but it does nothing to define what need the network filled for marketers overwhelmed with choices, according to observers. Brian Solis, Altimeter Group analyst and author of a new book about customer experience called X,…

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