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12 Lectures on Social Capital: Brian Solis’s Social Capital Speech Looks Beyond Likes and Comments

12 Lectures on Social Capital by Alyson Wyers, TrendHunter In his social capital speech, Brian Solis explains the role of social media in branding and business. The digital analyst examines how technology and sites like Twitter affect business. Social media interaction including likes and comments result in a social economy, where these elements equate to currency. Not only has social media revolutionized politics as seen in the Arab Spring, but we are also seeing the natural emergence of a Corporate…

Entrepreneur: How the Next Five Years Will Revolutionize Business

Earlier in the year, Brian Solis spent some time with Jason Ankeny. Jason was, at the time, writing an article for Entrepreneur on “the next five years” of business for the print edition. He assembled a pretty stellar cast to serve as his panel and Brian was more than excited to join in. Here’s an excerpt below, but you can read the entire article here. The Future of Generational Relations The older generation is making decisions based on their experience…

PegaWORLD 2015 Reignites the Clarion Call for Customer Engagement

Mark Johnson of Loyalty360 returned from the PegaWORLD 2015 conference inspired by the clarion call for customer engagement through simplicity and understanding. He summarized the event quite well and it serves as a primer for businesses to rethink customer experience. Excerpt: Brian Solis, digital analyst and business strategist of Altimeter group, said, “Executives have a hard time appreciating what needs to change because they don’t live their brand the way customers do.” He is correct in noting that listening is…

[Exclusivité] ITW de Brian Solis sur les Médias Sociaux #DM1to1

by Isabelle Mathieu Dans le cadre du Digital Marketing One to One, Brian Solis donnait une conférence intitulée « Le futur du marketing n’est pas le marketing » . J’ai eu le grand plaisir de l’interviewer au sujet des médias sociaux et des entreprises avant son intervention. Pour ceux d’entre vous qui ne le connaissent pas, Brian Solis occupe la position d’analyste chez Altimeter depuis 2011. C’est aussi un stratège, un anthropologiste, un auteur à succès, un influenceur mondial et un conférencier très…

PegaWORLD Keynote: Connected Customers and How to Supercharge Customer Experiences [VIDEO]

Brian Solis gave the keynote presentation at PegaWORLD 2015 in Orlando in front of 3,500 technology professionals and business executives. Connected Customers and How to Supercharge Customer Experiences And then one day, it happened. Customers changed. How they make decisions changed. What they value and how they want to do business changed. The funny thing is…we didn’t. Now we can and a new generation of technologies and services make it possible to not only react but lead customer experiences moving…

Digital Media Summit/Canadian Music Week – Highlight Reel

Digital Media Summit/Canadian Music Week – Highlight Reel

Brian Solis was featured in the highlight reel of this year’s Digital Media Summit hosted during Canadian Music Week. His keynote conversation was both entertaining and informative, helping artists, labels, managers and marketers compete in a “mainstreaming” economy. You can watch his keynote with Ted Cohen here. :22 – Social media is narcissistic + rethinking technology to bring back artistry 2:16 – people are here to share and learn Bring Brian to your event!

PegaWORLD 2015 Keynote with @BrianSolis: Innovate or Die!

PegaWORLD 2015 Keynote with @BrianSolis: Innovate or Die!

via Sandy Kemsley, Enterprise Irregulars Brian Solis from Altimeter  Group was the starting keynote, talking about disruptive technology and how businesses can undergo digital transformation. One of the issues with companies and change is that executives don’t live the way the rest of us do, and have to think of the shareholders first, but may not have sufficient insight into how changing customer attitudes and the supporting technology will impact their profitability, or even their ability to survive. “A Kodak…

Millennials Matter, but Generation C is the Holy Grail

Alan E. Young discusses the importance of focusing on consumer interests and psychographics rather than demographics. In his eye-opening article, Young also discusses the significance of Generation-C coined by Brian Solis. Excerpt… Back in 2012 digital luminary Brian Solis coined the term ‘Generation C: The Connected Customer.’ It is the disruption of technology that has lead to Generation C. Not only are Millennials using their devices to shop and buy but almost every businessperson is also connected as are an…

Le Futur du Marketing n’est pas le Marketing

Isabelle Mathieu Avant de vous laisser découvrir mon résumé de l’intervention de Brian Solis, je souhaitais remercier Comexposium pour ce plateau extrêmement réussi et j’espère que la thématique « Be inspired » sera maintenue en 2016. Pour cette conférence dédiée au futur du marketing, Brian Solis parle de l’inadaptation du marketing actuel qui est tourné vers la création de campagnes pour des plateformes spécifiques et non pas pour les personnes auxquelles elles sont destinées. « Toutes ces nouvelles plateformes rassemblent les personnes, elles nous…

Brian Solis and Ted Cohen Rock Digital Media Summit During Canadian Music Week

Brian Solis had the privilege of both keynoting Digital Media Summit and being interviewed by the one and only Ted Cohen, a visionary in the digital entertainment industry. The duo discussed everything from the future of music, digital marketing to ISIS and how artists can thrive in an era of streaming music and declining royalty payouts. Watch the video below… It’s Time to Move on to Social Media 2.0 Social Media is part of popular culture and has become standard…

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