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Blockbuster and Netflix: Why Thinking Ahead Matters

Blockbuster and Netflix: Why Thinking Ahead Matters

by Rebekah Dehghan, Near Me Excerpt a recent article by Brian Solis (@briansolis) on MarketWatch, Solis provides insider information on how to prevent your business from failing the way Blockbuster did years ago. In the early 2000’s, the founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, proposed a partnership to Blockbuster CEO, John Antioco, to fully run Blockbuster’s brand online and have the video giant promote Netflix at their on-site locations. Mocked and ridiculed by this proposition, Hastings took with him his disruptive…

Pivot Summit 2015: The Future of Business is Digital – Featuring Brian Solis, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel

via ITWire The Pivot Summit 2015 is in Geelong on 28 October, yet launches tomorrow, 25 September at the RACV Club Torquay with speakers including Robert Scoble. The inaugural Pivot Summit 2015 is set to officially launch tomorrow (25/09) at the G21 Stakeholder Forum in front of over 230 business, community and political leaders at the RACV Club, Torquay. But what is the Pivot Summit? Its parent organisation, Pivot Summit Inc, is described as ‘an industry-led not for profit organisation…

Marketplace: Meet J.C. Penney’s New Chief Merchant

Via Nova Saffo, Marketplace When you walk into J.C. Penney, the merchandise, the prices, the promotions you see, all were signed off by the chief merchant. It is a crucial role for any retailer. J.C. Penney announced Wednesday the appointment of a new person to that job. John Tighe was already a senior general merchandise manager for the company. He got a promotion to the top job. Kohl’s and Target also recently shuffled people in and out of the chief merchant position….

Experience architecture elevates the role of marketing and redefines your brand

Experience architecture elevates the role of marketing and redefines your brand

via Eric Melin, CallahanCreek With the overpopulation of channels, platforms, and devices in our connected world, it’s easy for marketers to get caught up in “the next big thing.” We need to be on Snapchat! We should Periscope this! What’s harder to figure out—because it requires rigorous, deep thinking about the divide between how your brand talks about itself and how people talk about your brand—is how to create culturally relevant, meaningful experiences for your customers. Digital anthropologist and author…

Content Marketing Blogs: The Ultimate List

via Curata The amount of information available to marketers is vast, diverse and sometimes overwhelming. Because it can be difficult to find high quality content, I have put together a list of some of the top content marketing blogs out there. This list is intended to help content marketers find the information, education and value they’re seeking to improve their strategies and business as a whole. Analysts & Research Brian Solis’s Blog – Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter,…

Brian Solis: Städte brauchen Transformation-Officer

Vom Trendforscher zum Mahner: Brian Solis beobachtet seit 20 Jahren den digitalen Wandel und ist zur Überzeugung gelangt, dass immer nur die Technologie im Mittelpunkt der Betrachtungen steht, aber nicht der Mensch und sein sich änderndes Verhalten. Er verlangt einen Paradigmenwechsel. Im Vorfeld der NEOCOM 2015, bei der er als Keynote-Sprecher auftritt, haben wir ihn zum Stand der digitalen Transformation befragt. Ihr Vortrag auf der NEOCOM lautet: Der Stand der digitalen Transformation 2015. Wie ist der Stand? Brian Solis: Was mich…

New Research: Exploring the employee Engagement Gap

New Research: Exploring the employee Engagement Gap

via Jostle Employee engagement has become a key measure of these things, so we set out to understand these issues a bit better ourselves. How do executives and employees feel about employee engagement? This seemed like an important question – very little research is published that contrasts the viewpoints of leaders and employees. We suspected there would be differences, but we wanted a deeper, more nuanced picture of exactly what those differences are. So we partnered with Brian Solis, who…

VisionCritical: Brian Solis on why customer experience is the catalyst for digital transformation

VisionCritical: Brian Solis on why customer experience is the catalyst for digital transformation

Via VisionCritical Q&A with Brian Solis, a renowned author and digital analyst and featured speaker at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago. As a digital analyst, Brian Solis spends a lot of his time thinking about the future of customer experience. So much so that he has written about it: his new book X:The Experience of Business Meets Design explores the various ways companies can design better experiences in a way that’s more meaningful for customers. We recently spoke…

TechCrunch: The Interdependency Of Stanford And Silicon Valley

by Ritika Trikha, excerpt here was a time when Stanford University was considered a second-rate engineering school. It was the early 1940s, and the Department of Defense was pressed to assemble a top-secret team to understand and attack Germany’s radar system during World War II. The head of the U.S. scientific research, Vannevar Bush, wanted the country’s finest radio engineer, Stanford’s Frederick Terman, to lead 800 researchers on this secret mission. But instead of basing the team at Terman’s own…

5 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

by Ashley Taylor Anderson, excerpt The words “inspiring” and “B2B” may not seem like they belong together in the same headline. B2B companies have gotten a bad rap when it comes to marketing campaigns, and that rap isn’t entirely undeserved. Our products and services usually aren’t very sexy, and trying to make them sexy with marketing can be challenging, to say the least. That said, creative marketers have succeeded in creating inspiring marketing content for their brands. Here are 5…

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