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BizX: Person to Watch – Brian Solis

Written by Matt Beuschlein, BizX, Excerpt As a business owner you face hard decisions every day, sometimes with little to no warning. The more you know, the better off you will be; superior information leads to sounder decisions, providing both confidence and peace of mind. Brian Solis is one such individual that constantly shares such superior information. Through his research and teachings he helps people understand the evolution of technology and the impact it plays on both business and society…. Interviews Brian Solis on The Future of Marketing

Via Brian Solis quite literally wrote the book on the future of business. As Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, he’s a digital analyst, business strategist and futurist, specialising in change management and in creating new media strategies and frameworks to build bridges between companies and their customers, their employees and their stakeholders. He’s the author four books, the latest being “What’s the future of business?”. He’ll be speaking as part of the Innovations And Thought Leaders track at Adobe’s…

TheStreet: March Madness Means Twitter Madness — but Will It Attract New Users?

TheStreet’s Jennifer Van Grove sees Twitter lighting up during NCAA’s March Madness, but she sets out to learn whether or not it means more users for the popular but slow growing social media network. Brian Solis shared his thoughts on the subject. Excerpt… Over the next two-and-a-half weeks, as college basketball teams compete for a national title, Twitter will be in a challenging battle of its own. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, known popularly as March Madness, will test Twitter’s…

Content Standard: Report Finds Digital Transformation Requires Cultural Shifts, Not New Tech

Krystal Overmyer discussed Brian Solis’ latest research on digital transformation over at the Content Standard. Excerpt… It’s undeniable that disruptive technologies have changed the way consumers interact with brands. Still, companies seem to fail to understand both what digital transformation is exactly and what it means for their brands. According to Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, the concept of transforming digitally reflects the quest to understand disruptive technologies. Moreover, transformation implies a realignment or investment in business models…

CNN: Meerkat stole the show at SXSW. Sorry, Twitter

CNN’s Sarah O’Brien caught up with Brian Solis at SXSW to talk about Interactive’s darling app for 2015. Following are the highlights from their conversation… According to Brian Solis, analyst at Altimeter Group, the move could be an essential tipping point for Meerkat. “Its reliance on Twitter exposes a weakness for the app to maintain long-term scale,” said Solis. “It needs to also ensure that content producers and content consumers find one another.” Solis said this is one reason livestreaming…

USAToday: Austin, like Twitter, has its fill of Meerkat

Photo: Jack Gruber/USA TODAY Everyone is Meerkasting these days with Meerkat, the hot new app that allows users to livestream with Twitter followers. USAToday covered the trend at SXSW and included Brian Solis in the article. Excerpt… On the outdoor patio of the Intercontinental Hotel, where industry analyst Brian Solis of Altimeter Group sat at a table filled with early tech adopters, one of the most popular uses of the app was using Meerkat to stream others using Meerkat.

Washington Post: Harried parents embracing Uber to move kids around town

Debra Landa looks at the cell phone her teenage son, Sam Landa, uses to order an Uber car to his weekly ballet class with the Washington Ballet in Northwest Washington from his home in Alexandria. (Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post) Washington Post’s Brigid Schulte and Lori Aratani reported on the latest trend of busy parents using Uber to transport children when they can’t. Altimeter Group Principal Analyst Brian Solis shared his views as an expert tracking the industry and also…

Smart Focus Releases eBook with Brian Solis, Creating Truly Personal Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Smart Focus Releases eBook with Brian Solis, Creating Truly Personal Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

According to a recent SmartFocus webinar by industry analyst and digital guru, Brian Solis, “It is about people. The more we can study who they are, what they like and they don’t like, the better we can build personal journeys that matter.” A new SmartFocus eBook, ‘Creating Truly Personal Omni-Channel Customer Experiences’, explains how to build those journeys and develop an omni-channel marketing strategy that appeals to each and every customer and prospect in the way that works for them. The eBook includes exclusive video insights from Brian…

Smart Focus Publishes Video and Webinar Series with Brian Solis

While in London, Brian visited the Smart Focus headquarters to discuss the state and future of omnichannel, digital marketing and the future of customer behavior. The discussions were captured as a special series, which includes a webinar, video interviews and an ebook. Links are included below. Webinar: What’s the Future of Marketing? Acclaimed author, blogger and analyst Brian Solis discusses the future of marketing, the role of technology in the decision‐making process and how to create multi‐channel experiences that really…

PRWeek: At SXSW, ‘all you see are brands’

Every year there’s an article that asks if SXSW has “jumped the shark.” Yet, every year, the event continues to draw thousands who could care less about the answer. Following these hordes of attendees are brands that compete for attention in ways that become grander every year. PRWeek’s Brittaney Kiefer asks industry experts and long time SXSW veterans for their perspective on the matter. Excerpt: SXSW started as a music festival in 1987 and added a film and tech event…

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