5 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

by Ashley Taylor Anderson, excerpt

The words “inspiring” and “B2B” may not seem like they belong together in the same headline. B2B companies have gotten a bad rap when it comes to marketing campaigns, and that rap isn’t entirely undeserved. Our products and services usually aren’t very sexy, and trying to make them sexy with marketing can be challenging, to say the least.

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Facebook Advances Bazaar Ambitions

by Deepa Seetharaman, WSJ


Facebook Inc. is channeling eBay Inc. in its latest effort to become a trading bazaar.

The social network is making it easier for its 1.49 billion users to buy, sell and trade used items from cars to waffle irons through a Facebook group.

Facebook says more than 850 million people use its Groups feature each month, exploring shared interests ranging from politics to specific diseases.

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The Wrap: What’s Behind Maker Studios’ Dilemma -Executive Exits, Missed Revenue Targets

By Daniel Holloway, The Wrap


Recent signs at the Disney-owned multichannel network are troubling, but there’s no reason yet to panic

August has been the hottest month for Maker Studios. The millennial-courting, digital-facing multichannel network, which Disney acquired with much fanfare in March 2014, has shown signs of struggle.

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25 Social Media Keynote Speakers You Need to Know

by John Rampton, Inc.

These are 25 of the top social media keynote speakers that you need to know that could change your conference.

Brian Solis–Whatdoes a “like” on a Facebook page actually mean? According to Brian Solis, principal digital analyst at the Altimeter Group, not much. What really matters, he argues, is the nature and depth of the engagement a customer feels with a brand he or she needs to regard as a person. He’s written three best-selling books, including The End Of Business As Usual, and spends much of his time analyzing the effects of disruptive technology on business and people. His talks are intended to educate, inspire and align leadership teams around a common vision. Speaker page

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The Wrap: Inside Netflix’s Plan to Crush Apple Globally

By Daniel Holloway, The Wrap

Analyst tells TheWrap of the streaming service’s Japan launch, “It’s only going to push Apple in terms of having to go toward the same types of deals around the world”

Netflix launched in its 81st country Wednesday, and it’s a big one. Via a partnership with Softbank announced last week, the media streaming service debuted in Japan. The expansion introduces Netflix to an untapped potential audience of nearly 36 million broadband customers.

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CIO: Inside Apple’s odd, yet effective, social media strategy

Credit: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

By Matt Kapko, CIO


Apple has repeatedly shunned the status quo and routinely defied the odds of success throughout its nearly 30-year history. If there’s one thing Apple proves time and again it’s that it doesn’t have to — nor does it want to — follow the unwritten rules of business, technology or marketing.

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CNN: Virginia murders show ugly side of autoplay

RIP Alison Parker and Adam Ward

By Sara Ashley O’Brien, CNN

The video circulated swiftly on social media. Both Facebook and Twitter autoplay videos.

That means many users were unexpectedly viewing a video of the murders right in their newsfeeds.

Twitter said it removed Williams’ profile page in eight minutes. Facebook said it did so as soon as it was flagged.

For Twitter, autoplay is new. It announced the feature in June as a way for users to “keep up with the action.”

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CKNW: Future of Work interviews Altimeter’s Brian Solis

CKNW’s Jon McComb interviewed Altimeter’s Brian Solis for the Future of Work show as part of the GROW Conference he co-produced with founder Debbie Landa.

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Kent State University: 60 Resources for Getting Your EMBA and the Career You Want

Earning your Executive MBA is the first step to getting the career you want, and as a potential executive, it’s important for you to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the business world.

The team at Kent State University created a helpful list of resources that cover a wide variety of topics. These resources will not only help you through the EMBA program, but they will also help you achieve your future career goals.Technology

Brian Solis

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PSFK Interview: Does Your Brand Have a Customer Experience Strategy?


by Macala Wright, PSFK

Digital Futurist Brian Solis reveals how brands can navigate the consumer experience economy

In 2013, Internet of Things expert and noted author, Brian Solis, released his book, What’s the Future of Business? In it, Solis wrote that the future of business comes down to relevance and the ability to understand how technology affects consumers’ decision-making processes. In my 2013 PSFK interview, Solis shared that consumers not only expect great brand experiences, but that they also believe they’re entitled to them. Experiences are now directly tied to aspiration and intention, and creativity and technology are merely the enablers.

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Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, and also a futurist. In his work at Altimeter Group, Solis studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and society. More so, he humanizes technology’s causal effect to help people see people differently and understand what to do about it. He is an award-winning author and avid keynote speaker who is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in digital transformation and innovation.

Brian has authored several best-selling books including What’s the Future of Business (WTF), Engage! and The End of Business as Usual. His blog, BrianSolis.com, is ranked as a leading resource for insights into the future of business, new technology and marketing.

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