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The Art of Letting Go: Now Is Gone Podcast Series #3

On the heels of the official book release, Geoff Livingston and I continue our podcast series discussing the seven principles of community engagement uncovered in Now is Gone. Message control is the antithesis of social media, which enables people to communicate The video “The Break-Up” serves as the ideal example of this culture clash (just replace the word “Advertising” on his shirt with “Public Relations” and play along Companies will lose their customer relationships if they don’t learn how to…

Participation Is Marketing: Now Is Gone Podcast Series #2

As the official Social Media Release from Bartelby Press hitting the streets today, so does part two of our podcast series discussing the seven principles of community engagement uncovered in the upcoming book, Now is Gone. In the “Participation Is Marketing” podcast we discuss: Most companies make the mistake of assuming that merely publishing blog posts is all they need to do to “participate.” Participation requires a shift from organizational-centric based communications to customer or community-centric communications – Think Customer…

Now is Gone Podcast Series #1 – Audience Versus Community

Only 14 days until the release of Now is Gone and to get things rolling, Geoff Livingston and I are recording a series of weekly podcasts to discuss the seven principles of community engagement uncovered in the book. The book is available for pre-orders at You can download Podcast #1 here or stream it from the Now is Gone blog. Podcast #1 – Audiences versus Communities – One-way communications to audiences versus two-way conversational marketing within communities – The…

Deleting Users, Audience, and Messages from PR and Social Media

Attention PR and practicing Social Media professionals, step away from using “messages” to target “users” and “audience.” They are no longer filling the theaters, stadiums, and auditoriums to hear from marketers. I’ve been in tech PR since 91 and have been also guilty of using such terminology. Back in the day, users really were users in the tech business and when we were researching who they were, they would ultimately become the audience for our marketing initatives. Not everyone (aka…

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