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Attention Companies: Your Next Big Idea Will Come from Us

Guest post by Corvida Raven (Oprah of the Web). Read her on She Geeks | Follow her on Twitter Using social media isn’t just important, it’s life changing Do you realize that we are the reason you “make” a living? Your passion, your ideas, your marketing skills…that’s all just a bonus at the end of the day. Your services solve our problems. We are the reasons for your success. Your fans, your tribes, your family. However, you have to listen…

Lifestreams Channel Online Activity, Creating Rivers of Relevance

Lifestreams are back in the spotlight again thanks to the most recent meme started by Steve Rubel, except this time, the popularity of flow, aka presence applications, such as Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, and Tumblr is much greater and expansive than the last time the topic circulated the blogosphere. As the idea starts to move along the bell curve, people are realizing the potential for aggregating information and broadcasting a focused channel of relevant content – on both sides of the…

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