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The Inspiring Story of the FCC’s Digital Transformation [Podcast]

The Inspiring Story of the FCC’s Digital Transformation [Podcast]

I’m excited to announce Digital Outliers, a new podcast series that I’m hosting that features some of the brightest minds who are exploring the ways digital technology is transforming (and disrupting) the modern workplace. Each episode dives into the latest trends driving the future of work and also offers prescriptive guide points for companies (and leaders) who want to be more successful in capitalizing on the value the digital workplace offers for productivity, innovation, experiences and relationships. My first guest is David Bray, Chief…

The Opposite of Change is Conformity: A framework for driving meaningful digital transformation

The Opposite of Change is Conformity: A framework for driving meaningful digital transformation

Digital transformation is a buzzword. On top of that, the term digital transformation causes debate amongst those working in or studying the field and confusion among everyone else. But at the same time, digital transformation is also one of the most promising and impactful trends in business (r)evolution today. Why? It carries with it the ability to modernize how businesses work, market and serve. And more so, digital transformation offers a unique glimpse into how disruptive technologies are affecting human behavior, expectations and values. It has…

True Customer Centricity Requires the Merging of Marketing and IT

True Customer Centricity Requires the Merging of Marketing and IT

  Guest post by Robert Tas (@TasRobert), SVP and CMO of Pegasystems. You see the headlines everywhere – 2016 will be the year of customer experience; marketers need to make customer experience count; millennials demand an authentic customer experience. The bottom line is the stakes have never been higher in today’s modern, connected world. Every second of the business-to-customer interaction represents a key moment of opportunity and truth, each step carrying the potential to make or break that relationship, and…

The Moment of Truth: Connected Customers and How to Re-Imagine Customer Experiences

And then one day, it happened. Customers changed. How they make decisions changed. What they value and how they want to do business changed. The funny thing is…we didn’t. Now we can and a new generation of technologies and services make it possible to not only react but lead customer experiences moving forward. To effectively compete in the digital economy, you are left with no choice; become customer-obsessed or lose! Every moment-of-truth counts when it comes to customer loyalty. For…

Research Report: Constellation’s Research Outlook For 2011

As an advisor to the Constellation Group, I am reposting the team’s first joint research report here. It offers a glimpse of the hurdles and opportunities organizations will face in 2011 and beyond… Organizations Seek Measurable Results In Disruptive Tech, Next Gen Business, And Legacy Optimization Projects For 2011 Enterprise leaders seek pragmatic, creative, and disruptive solutions that achieve both profitability and market differentiation. Cutting through the hype and buzz of the latest consumer tech innovations and disruptive technologies, Constellation…

NSFW: When Social Networks are Blocked for Your Own Good

Source: Shutterstock In Social Media, we indeed cast digital shadows. We are what we tweet and in the era of equalized influence and democratized digital content distribution, our reputation does in fact precede us. The very tools we use to satisfy our quiet flirtations with vanity as we channel our inner micro celebrity are in actuality the same platforms that can also unravel the fabric of our stature. Why does Social Media seem to lower our guard? Why do we…

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