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Now is Gone Podcast Series #1 – Audience Versus Community

Only 14 days until the release of Now is Gone and to get things rolling, Geoff Livingston and I are recording a series of weekly podcasts to discuss the seven principles of community engagement uncovered in the book. The book is available for pre-orders at You can download Podcast #1 here or stream it from the Now is Gone blog. Podcast #1 – Audiences versus Communities – One-way communications to audiences versus two-way conversational marketing within communities – The…

Defining Social Media

After publishing, “The Social Media Manifesto, A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing,” I decided to take a short break. I wanted it to reside online for people to discover before it was pushed down the page with every post to follow. Afterall, we do have a very short attention span these days and the important posts that exist across the blogosphere are unfortunately quickly forgotten. But that’s the point of the manifesto. There are conversations taking place across…

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