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The Purpose of Brand and CX in the Era of Human Experience

The Purpose of Brand and CX in the Era of Human Experience

It’s time to design experiences you want people to have, remember and share. Customer experience is the new marketing and customer experiences (what they have, feel and share) become the new “BX” (brand experience). More importantly, CX becomes a way of doing business that permeates and reshapes every facet of how and why companies operate. It’s about purpose, vision and meaningful engagement…not corporate mission and vision statements, taglines and creative campaigns. Image courtesy of RantandRave. About Brian Brian Solis is…

Survival of the Fitting: 10 important trends to survive Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism is a phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than the ability to adapt. And, it threatens rigid and traditional practices everywhere. It’s no longer just survival of the fittest, but also survival of the fitting.  Businesses must earn relevance and to do so requires much more than adoption of the latest technologies or launching endeavors in the latest social or app flavor of the month. Indeed, this post requires not only your pinterest, but your dedication and…

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