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Future digital banking trends that apply to almost any consumer-facing business

Future digital banking trends that apply to almost any consumer-facing business

Each year, my friend Jim Marous assembles some of the industry’s most interesting perspectives on retail banking trends and predictions for the year ahead. I was invited back to share my thoughts (thank you Jim!) Although, looking back, I still stand by my ideas from the previous two years. I wanted to share the highlights from the report and also my contributions to this year’s list of trends/predictions. I also included ideas from previous years to help financial executives see the…

2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions

Awareness Networks released insights and prognosis from 34 business and marketing leaders as part of its 2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions report. It’s written for marketing strategists, brand marketers and consults and those working in agencies. I think you’ll find it interesting to say the least and perhaps even prescriptive. Here are a few of my thoughts… On the evolution of social business: Companies of all sizes will need to transform their business and existing infrastructure, and reverse…

A Conversation about 2011 – 2012 Trends in Social Media

While attending LeWeb in Paris, I caught up with the 99Faces crew to discuss trends in social media for 2011 and 2012. Among the many topics we touch, we spent a fair amount of time exploring the evolving influence of social media on… – Mainstream lifestyle and culture – The rise of curation – Elevating the importance of transparency and engagement between businesses and customers – Businesses dynamics and the need to open the doors between silos – Politics and…

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