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The Second Life of Second Life

Source Recently, I wrote about a study written by virtual worlds consultancy, which reported that membership of virtual worlds grew by 39% in the second quarter of 2009 to an estimated 579 million. Today, I received an update from the Linden Lab and it appears that Second Life is experiencing a second life of its own. This story begins with an impressive milestone: Second Life Residents have transacted the equivalent of more than $1 billion  with each other while…

Breathing New Life into Virtual Worlds

Source And you thought Virtual Worlds were so passé…a new study suggests that virtual worlds may be getting a second life. In 2007-2008, many brands and companies flocked to Second Life to build a virtual presence, which spiked, peaked, and created somewhat of a backlash and ultimately a bit of a retreat in the process. By mid-2009, virtual worlds were realizing a comeback of sorts. In July 2009, virtual worlds consultancy reported that membership of virtual worlds grew by…

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