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Renaissance for Napa Gamay Noir?

Andrew Lane 2004 Gamay

I tried this the other night after attending an event hosted by 7×7 Magazine in San Francisco. I meet Andrew Dickson, winemaker of Andrew Lane Wines. It was amazing, so I tracked down a bottle for myself.

I paired it with spicy sesame/chili noodles with chicken and green onions. OH MY OH MY!

The AL Gamay Noir has the mouth-feel and velvety texture of a Pinot Noir, but with a more vibrant, red fruit character. It offers a lively bouquet and flavor of fresh red cherries, red currents, with touches of strawberry and spice on the finish.

The 2004 Gamay is produced from one of the last remaining Gamay vineyards in Napa Valley.

Food Pairings
Andrew Lane Gamay pairings often relate to the “style” of Beaujolais, France, where the bistro originated: tomato soup in puff pastry and coq au vin for example. Maple glazed king salmon and Andrew Lane is a match made in heaven. Gamay is also a compliment for many delicate, and even spicy, Asian dishes. The wine is diverse and considered as close to white wine as red wine gets.

A fresh fruit style is prevalent here acting to form a natural bridge for sweet (n’ sour) recipes even though the wine is dry. Crisp acidity will cut through fat. Andrew Lane Gamay Noir enjoys low alcohol levels (12.9%), low tannin levels and aged in neutral oak barrels so oak extraction is minimized. All three of these components act to reduce the amplifying effect of spicy food while also complimenting vegetarian cuisine. Low tannin, crisp acidity and the star bright- fruitiness of Andrew Lane Gamay Noir is a profile that begs for soy sauce!

Andrew Lane Gamay Noir is a fantastic picnic wine drinkable on its own or with food.

The Gamay Noir promises to turn Pinot Noir fans sideways over this incredibly fruit-forward, vibrant, anytime, anywhere wine.

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