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Live from DEMOfall Day Two 9/27/06


Day two of DEMO was in full effect, and I was running as fast as I could to keep up. Imagine a ballroom and pavilion full of mouth-watering technology and gadgets, top tier media and bloggers, overactive buzz word factories, and an elite crowd of nervous and excited presenters.

Photo Credit: Rob Lee, the man who makes everything happen

67 presenters and only 6 minutes to show the world how they will change it.

A few friends have helped me along the way here in San Diego. I wanted to say thank you specifically to Marshall Kirkpatrick of TechCrunch, Vic Podcaster of, and Greg Narain of Social Roots and Social Twister.

So let’s get to it…

As Chris Shipley took the stage this morning, she reminded us that the technology presented today was not only highlighting what’s possible, but was also setting the stage for the future.

Making the Internet Safe for Humanity

Chris Shipley, “It’s a wild and dangerous world out there, and despite the common-sense steps we take to protect ourselves, the bad guys always seem to be just one step ahead. Thank goodness for these super heroes, who are each, in their own way, bringing order and justice to our online experience.”

Demonstrations by:

Trend Micro, Inc., , Cupertino, CA
The Behavioral Analysis Security Engine (BASE) powers the security industry’s first service that detects, quarantines and can optionally remediate botnets without customer intervention. By analyzing aggregated ISP network information for aberrant behavior, trend Micro BASE enables service providers to protect their customers against botnets, which are a major vehicle for spyware, click fraud, pharming, phishing, spamming and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Data Security Systems Solutions, Inc., , New York, NY
OTPK (One-time Private Key) is a revolutionary way to carry out digital signatures to protect electronic transactions. By making signature keys one-time-use, it removes the need for cumbersome smartcards, readers or complicated key management, while preserving the integrity and security of transactions.

MyPW, LLC., , Mercer Island, WA
MyPW enables any online application to quickly increase the security of its authentication system. For service providers, MyPW is an easy-to-implement and low-cost alternative to traditional, token-based authentication platforms.

PrefPass, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
PrefPass eliminates Web registration forms while helping to safeguard users’ personal data. Just by responding to an email and remembering a password, PrefPass lets users access Websites with a single click. This click gives site owners exactly what they need to customize their content to the user, while keeping users anonymous and in control at all times.

The Search Continues

CS, “As data proliferates, search technologies have to keep up. These companies bring very different and very important search capabilities to the game, helping us find content that might otherwise stay hidden in the mass of online information.”

Demonstrations by:
Retrevo, Inc., , Sunnyvale, CA
Retrevo is a consumer electronics search service that makes it easy for consumers to research, install, use, fix and upgrade their consumer electronics products. Behind the scenes, Retrevo’s breakthrough technology utilizes machine learning to perform deep content analysis, classification and information retrieval.

Imaginestics, LLC., , West Lafayette, IN

Building and Maintaining the application Infrastructure

CS, “Whether we’re considering enterprise architecture or consumer applications, none of it gets built without a sustainable infrastructure to create, deliver and support it. These diverse development and infrastructure components share one common element: they make building, managing and delivering new applications much easier.”

Demonstrations by:
Trigence, , Ottawa, ON, Canada

NComputing, Inc., , Orange, CA
nComputing’s nStation products tap into the unused computer cycles of today’s PCs to enable three, seven or 30 simultaneous users on a single PC. A combination of software and hardware, nStations support all current Windows and Linux desktop and server operating systems.

PostPath, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
The Linux-based PostPath Email and Collaboration Server is the only Microsoft Exchange alternative to natively support Exchange network protocols, delivering drop-in compatibility with unmodified Outlook desktops, Active Directory and already-deployed Exchange infrastructure.

Teneros, , Mountain View, CA,
Teneros offers an end-to-end continuity solution encompassing both local high-availability and disaster-recovery protection. Teneros offers the only appliances allowing mid-sized enterprises to deploy cost-effective email continuity and remote disaster recovery.

BriteSoft Corp., , Reston, VA
BriteWorks automates software development of enterprise-class applications. There is no coding; you don’t need to know or learn any programming language. Development requires a combination of modeling via visual editors and configuration of many built-in features such as security, audit and localization.

Widgetbox, , San Francisco, CA
Widgetbox is a web-based widget marketplace that provides Web service–based interactive content, or “widgets,” that can be dynamically embedded into blogs, social networks, auctions and home pages.

FutureScan: The Future of Nanotechnology

Millions of dollars have mpoured into nanotechnology startups in recent years, leaving many to wonder when the market will see the return on those investments. Is it too soon to expect nanotechnologies to deliver revenue this year? Next year? By 2010? Which industries will be most impacted by nanotechnology? When are we likely to see everyday products using this new sub-microscopic world of science? John Patrick and his esteemed panel will separate fact from fiction as they look at the practical, near-term applications of nanotechnology.

John Patrick, President, Attitude LLC

Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Quantum Insight, & Co-founder & Steering Committee Chair, MIT – Stanford – UC Berkeley Nanostructures
Dr. Gian-Luca Bona, Department Group Manager of Science & Technology, IBM’s Almaden Research Center
Dr. Gerald Hoegl, CEO & CFO, Metcomb Nanostructures

Headgames…And a Better Way to Play Them

CS, “Imagine a theater-like entertainment and gaming experience made lightweight, portable and affordable. Better yet, just try this one on.”

Demonstration by:

Talk Is Cheap…And Easy

From voice over IP, to smart conferencing, to new hardware designs, a range of telecommunications technologies are bringing efficiency, cost savings and expanded services to applications for home and business communications.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Demonstrations by:
GrandCentral, , Fremont, CA
GrandCentral is a unified communications service that integrates all your existing phones, numbers and voicemail boxes and bridges the gap between voicemail and email. It’s refreshingly simple. One number. One message box.

JAJAH, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
JAJAH Mobile allows you to make free international calls directly from your mobile phone. It requires no change of hardware, no new number and no binding contracts. You simply dial the international number, and the JAJAH system takes care of the rest.

uControl, Inc., , Austin, TX
The uControl Link connects to existing alarm systems and communicates status over three redundant connections (cellular, broadband and phone line).

Be Here Corp., , Fremont, CA
TotalView, the first VoIP collaboration phone, changes the way we work in multi-location meetings by enabling each participant to customize what they see, hear, share and capture in meetings. Everyone has the ability to independently navigate multiple 360° video views and share data with all connected.

Express Yourself!

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

If content is king, consumer-generated content is king of the online world. Whether for business, learning or personal expression, these tools allow you to create, express, and enjoy rich content.

Demonstrations by:
SiteKreator, , Santa Clara, CA
SiteKreator Business Edition is an online website design and branding tool that places the experience of professional designers in the hands of small business owners, without requiring technical or artistic skills.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

NanoLearning, Inc., , Austin, TX
NanoLearning users can create interactive, rich NanoLearning that requires no programming and share it with the world. This gives the community an opportunity to improve on the learning content offered by corporations, and to share, grow and improve their skills and training.

Wallop, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Wallop, Inc., a spinout company built around a Microsoft Research project, delivers the next-generation of social computing and redefines how people interact online. Wallop solves the problems plaguing current social networking technologies.

Scrapblog, Inc., , Coral Gables, FL
Scrapblog enhances the photo-sharing experience by combining the storytelling aspect of scrapbooks with the sharing power of blogs. Scrapblog offers the most robust and easy-to-use online application for designing and publishing content from the Web to the Web.<

Simple Star, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Simple Star is the creator of PhotoShow. Now, PhotoShowTV provides digital cable subscribers with a simple, easy way to share this compelling personal entertainment on TV.

iBloks, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
iBloks is a totally immersive experience where people can mix media together, save their work and then share it via email, instant messaging, Web pages or blogs.

Cuts, Inc., , W. Conshohocken, PA
Cuts lets everyday people edit, share and watch personalized versions of copyrighted video. Parents can take control by removing inappropriate or scary scenes. Friends can insert and share commentary, re-arrange scenes or add to the videos they own.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

It’s Nice to Share…Social Content

CS, “Social networks are meeting with consumer content to bring rich context to relationships and information.”

Demonstrations by:
HeyLetsGo, Inc., , Boston, MA
The HeyLetsGo website connects users with local events and an active local community to help them make the most of their offline social life. The website uses patent-pending technology to show the best events going on and to help users identify others with shared interests.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Open Business Club GmbH, , Hamburg, Germany

Tag, You’re It!

CS, “How do you collect, manage, organize, reference and share the information you find online? There are now as many options as there are personal styles. We think these are among the best.”

Demonstrations by:
Yoriwa, Inc., , San Jose, CA
LeapTag is a Web-content discovery tool that uses tagging to enable people to find Websites, news and blogs that match their individual interests in complete privacy. Users create tags to define their interests. LeapTag uses those tags to scour the Internet in search of matching content.

i-Lighter, Inc., , Ft Lauderdale, FL
i-Lighter’s online patent-pending technology transfers real-world skills to the Internet. Using the familiar metaphor of a yellow highlighter, it allows users of all levels to select and automatically save data and images and to add post-it notes directly to any Web page.

eSnips, Ltd., , Ein Sarid, Israel
Users can easily upload and share any type of file and create multiple sharing environments from one free account. From publishing and selling creative work, to accessing business files, to sharing photos with friends and family.

Add Me, LLC., , Princeton, NJ makes it easier for Web surfers to collect information online and for Web publishers to distribute it. With, Web publishers can finally remove all bookmark or feed subscription buttons from their Websites and replace them with only one button: the AddThis button.

Adaptiveblue, LLC., , Livingston, NJ
Blueorganizer determines and preserves the semantics of real-world things like movies, wine or electronic gadgets. With this unique approach, Blueorganizer is able to create a context-sensitive, personalized Web experience for every user.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Add Me

Finding and Delivering All That Rich Media

CS, “As more and more complex media makes its way online, new methods are needed to deliver rich content. This demonstrator taps the power of peer-to-peer networks to efficiently deliver rich media while insuring that brands and rights are protected.”

Demonstration by:

Solid State Networks, Inc., , Tempe, AZ
Their flagship product, the Solid State Distributed Delivery network, is a hybrid content-delivery solution that combines the economic and performance advantages of peer-assisted technology with the reliability of a traditional CDN.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

The Connected Desktop

CS, “No application is an island any more. Online information is feeding desktop applications, and desktop applications are extending to the Internet and beyond.”

Demonstrations by:
Eluma, , Tewksbury, MA
Eluma enables marketers to create an always-on connection to their users, and to leverage the best aspects of social networking in order to provide users with the ability to collaborate with their most trusted source of information—their peers.

Cozi, , Seattle, WA
Cozi Central is a software service for busy families. It allows family members to easily communicate with one another and to coordinate calendars, tasks and shopping lists from wherever they are, making their lives easier, less stressful and more fun. As a sponsor-supported service, Cozi Central is free to families.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06
Chris Shipley

Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/26/06
Onward to the final hours of the pavilion.

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06
BeHere’s TotalView

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06
Moixa’s USBCell

Live from DEMOfall 9/27/06

Live from DEMOfall 9/26/06

Stay tuned for the final wrap up… More pictures at Flickr.

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For live video casts, visit Vic Podcaster’s HotfromSiliconValley.

Also check out Greg Narain – his blog was updated as everyone presented.

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