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Geoff Livingston Interviews Me for Diary of an Ad Man

I recently conducted an interview with Geoff Livingston who authors the well known blog, “Diary of an Ad Man.”

We covered a wide range of hot topics including PR 2.0, Silicon Valley vs. the rest of the world, Web 2.0, the future bust, Social Media, Media 2.0, Corporate Blogging, and how to fix the PR industry.

It not an easy discussion on any of these fronts, but it definitely ignites thinking and also warrants several individual posts.

Here’s the intro:

Brian Solis Sheds Light on PR 2.0

Sometimes you conduct an interview, and you realize the subject Really Gets It. Brian Solis, author of the popular PR 2.0 blog, has given some brilliant answers to the very real issues of PR in the new media era, corporate blogging, and the 2.0 trend in general. With strong statements like, “In the game of social media, PR is not invited to the party,” and the logic to back it up, here are Brian’s thoughts…

Update: Story picked-up in the UK, “Introducing the exception that proves the rule…Here’s an American speaking sense! ”

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  1. Geoff_Livingston says:

    Thanks for the hat tip, Brian. You are very kind. ‘

    Keep up the great work. You should definitely author a book. I saw pollster Frank Luntz speak today on words and how they impact us, and as brilliant as he is, you could stand with him.


  2. kfjfbxezb says:

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