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Recommended Reading – October 4, 2007

TurnPRon– I’ll be speaking here later today on “PR 3.0” (I think you can guess my stanceon the subject).

Social Media Relations= The Release + News Room: Todd And takes a look at the evolution of the Social Media Release and why Social Media is so important in PR.

Adding Grease to hRelease:Shannon Whitley looks at moving the hrelease forward. This is a good look at the future of the press release.

Web 3.0 is About Intelligence: I respond to Jason Calacanis’ definition of Web 3.0.

Social Media Releases– Everything You Ever Wanted to (or Should) Know: Revists the entire history, action items, and necessary steps in order to create Social Media releases.

Doug Rushkoff on the Technologies of Persuasion
: Jon Lebkowsky interviews Doug Rushkoff on the intersections of media technologies with how people communicate, create, and learn.

Two More Social Media News Releases: Todd Defren highlights two new social media releases from Shift (Todd Defren) and FutureWorks (Brian Solis).

The Challenges of Social Media:Social Media pessimist, Andrew Keen, has gotten to Jeremiah Owyang.

Corporate Social Media Links: Three New Case Studies: Blog dedicated to the upcoming book, Now Is Gone, examines three recent social media campaigns.

Introducing: Media Release 2.0 (a proposal): Tod Maffin is also frustrated with the press release, but what he proposes is already out there and in play – it’s called the Social Media Release.

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