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Sprout Adds Fuel to the Widget Economy

Sprout is a new, very cool service that lets everyday people create portable widgets for embedding on Web sites, blogs, and in social networks.

I was originally introduced to the service at DEMO08 in January and was immediately blown away.

We live in the widget economy and people today are empowered and compelled to lift and place encapsulated content and experiences from one place to another, however and whenever they’d like. With SproutBuilder, you can now build your own custom, portable and embeddable widgets featuring the Web content, links, gadgets, and capabilities you desire as simply as designing a flyer in Word.

Whether you’re a media property, a business or consumer brand, or an individual, Sprout enables you or your Web marketing team to create campaign-driven or brand-focused, well or even just for fun, widgets to share with your community and in turn, have them share across their social graph.

Sprouts can be embedded in any Website or popular social network, including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, and Friendster, as well all blogging platforms.

I’ve included a simple Sprout for PR 2.0 below, feel free to take it or go to Sprout and build your own!

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3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Sprout Adds Fuel to the Widget Economy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Brian,I am a master PR student. I love your blog and read it often. Now I need your help. Can you help me to complete a questionnaire regarding my dissertation? I will appreciate ur hand.

    feel free to hand it out to ur m8s plzzzz.


  2. Sprout says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for blogging about Sprout. I hope you found our builder useful and intuitive. If you have any questions, let us know. Twitter name: Sproutbuilder


  3. James says:

    I just purchased a fuel saver which is a throttle body spacer for my car. I have seen increased fuel efficiency and there are no outlandish claims from the maker.

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