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Putting the Public Back in Public Relations is Now Available

I almost can’t believe that this day is finally here…

Deirdre Breakenridge and I proudly announce the availability of our new book, “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: How Social Media is Reinventing the Aging Business of PR.”

The book is in stock at Amazon, the Amazon Kindle store, Barnes & Noble, Safari, and bookstores everywhere.

Deirdre and I spent a good part of the last year pouring our heart, soul, and real world successes and failures into this book, and we only hope that it will help you excel in whatever role you choose to pursue.

This book is written for the those facing the new intersection of all that is Public Relations including PR, media and analyst relations, customer service, product development, social media, brand and community managers, executive management, HR, journalists, bloggers, marketing, advertising, students, teachers, content publishers, and everyone in between.

Book Summary:

PR, as we know it, is a dying practice having evolved away from the public and instead concentrating its energy on broadcasting disconnected messages to “media and analysts.”

What we’ve learned and what we know are quickly fading into irrelevance and obscurity. Reporters and analysts are now sharing the stage with a new generation of influencers. In addition to a still relevant process of media relations, we now need to expand our scope of participation and outreach by also identifying, understanding, and engaging the everyday people who have plugged-in to a powerful and democratized online platform for creating and distributing information, insight, and opinions – effectively gaining authority in the process.

The very people we had always wished to reach through traditional channels are now the very people we need to convince and inspire directly in order to remain part of industry-defining and market making conversations. This is a new era of influence and in order to participate, we have to rewire our DNA to stop marketing “at” audiences in order to genuinely and intelligently humanize our story to connect with real people and the online communities they inhabit.

Putting the Public Back in Public Relations is a critical and mandatory process to shine in today’s social economy. It will help businesses forge meaningful relationships with those who will bridge specific benefits to distinct groups of consumers in order to cultivate a loyal, vocal, and hyper-connected community of customers and influencers.

I sincerely hope that this book helps you…

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Bonus: If you happen to live near San Mateo or Palo Alto, please visit Barnes & Noble and Borders for a pleasant surprise.

Kindle Edition

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  1. david says:

    I never ever read a book where I asked myself more often why the writers used so many words. You got some good points, I have to admit, put could have said the them on about 50 exiting pages (instead of 300 really boring pages). Is there a short version available? If yes, please send me one as I bought the book and have to read it for my executive master program…

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