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Building Bridges Between Knowledge and Aspiration

Image Credit: Jeremy Ginsberg

There’s no shortage of businesses, and more specifically, the individuals who represent them, seeking insight, answers and direction to simplify, organize, and elucidate the intimidating and confusing social media landscape. Likewise, social media experts, gurus, and ninjas are seemingly ubiquitous.

Far too many of us expect others to build bridges that connect disparate communities rife with individuals starving for logical and defensible insight and direction directly to us. In the end however, it’s our sole responsibility and vocation to proactively connect our expertise to the individuals who can truly benefit from the shared experience through the forums where they can be fully assimilated, appreciated, and in turn, effectively practiced.

It’s not enough to create content. As you know, anyone with an opinion, a keyboard, camera, or microphone, fueled by the desire to freely and perpetually share it, can do so at will nowadays. The question is, how do you as an authentic and genuine aficionado or maestro convince me that you’re believable, qualified, and ready to lead?

Build the bridges that connect you to those whom you can soundly advise…

Once we understand how to build the bridges that connect knowledge and aspiration, we ultimately become accomplished and experienced social architects.

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    so how is this article supposed to reflect the promise made in the title !??! 

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