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In the World of Social Media, Women Rule

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I recently published a detailed survey and analysis of the demographics that define the most popular social networks. While I shared the overall data for general review, there were a few interesting observations that were extracted by Information is Beautiful, Mashable, and Next Web that certainly inspire conversations and reactions.

The point of interest that’s worth review and discussion is that in Social Media, women rule.

Male: 43%
Female: 57%

Male: 48%
Female: 52%

Male: 41%
Female: 59%

Male: 45%
Female: 55%

Male: 36%
Female: 64%

Male: 41%
Female: 59%

Male: 43%
Female: 57%
Male: 45%
Female: 55%
Male: 34%
Female: 66%

Male: 43%
Female: 57% lives up to its name with its translation of my research into this stunning infographic:

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154 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “In the World of Social Media, Women Rule”

  1. Name says:

    These statistics that show women are on social networking sites more than men is not surprising. Women generally tend to be more social than men. Therefore it makes sense that they would be using social networking sites to communicate and converse with others more than men. The one thing about this data that is surprising is that the percentage of men using these social networking sites is not much less than women. So it seems that social media and social networking sites typically reach both male and females even though there are more females on these sites.

  2. Kristanna says:

    Yes, I'm pretty suprised. I knew women were outnumbering men in Twitter, but not in the other social media. Good news.


  3. SocialSplash says:

    OK….the results are in……

    matriarchy – 65%

    patriarchy – 35%

    (sorry boys…..)

    power to the girls!!

  4. livemercialsarah says:

    Great research…I never would have guessed that females outnumbered males on almost all of the social networking sites. I want to read more about these trends now!

  5. Carmen says:

    Hi Brain, this's Carmen, a PR from Hong Kong. Nice survey!
    A quick question – by saying “in social media, women rule”, do you have any findings on how they “rule” the online discussion, like, how they influence the trend & tone & style of online discussions, topic of discussion, and even the way people talk & share online.

  6. Clemence Ko says:

    Wow. Looks like Social Media would need a new tagline – Social Media: The Women Connection Era. It looks like marketers around the world need to buck up and study the “Ways of Marketing to the Ladies”. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. shalimar says:

    I am glad that women are out numbering in all the fields. Can some nice lady wants to lead me too?
    Must be sharp, smart and pretty and most important must be nice. I am a nerd sob and she needs
    to handle such an ass hole. Excuse me for the language.

  8. shalimar says:

    hey girls, i know it is a pride moment for you to know that you are leading men in every field. Now, time to prove.
    Can any nice, sexy and pretty lady willing to lead an AH and SOB?

  9. zeniscalm says:

    Unfortunately not the whole world – inspired by the post of I compared US, UK and Germany for 6 Social Networks and got a different picture 🙁

  10. Very interesting post. I have linked to it so that the chicks on our site can celebrate 🙂

    But seriously, interesting results but the fact that so many people are using any of those networks is brilliant and that the results are actually really close. Thanks for a great report.


  11. Really women rules every where. Thanks for telling us 🙂

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