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Social Media marketing is not new nor is it widely established or even understood. However in 2010, it will completely transform the way businesses attract customers and the way consumers find the businesses and services that matter to them. And like that, an overnight landmark, which really is over a decade in the making, will challenge business owners, more so than today, as they now compete for the future, right now.

Social Networks are no longer the playgrounds we once perceived. The simple truth is this: social networking is not just for kids or people with too much free time on their hands.

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, and the like, are now pervasive, becoming an extension of who we are, and forming valuable social hubs that connect people who share interests and tastes. As a result, the activity within each network is influencing the decisions and referrals consumers ultimately make, usually without the benefit of our participation.

The are over 500 million registered accounts on Facebook, over 100 million on Twitter, even the up-and-coming location-based network Foursquare boasts over 1 million users. And, for the record, the average age of a person using Facebook is 38 and those using Twitter hover around 39. Even MySpace boasts a median age of 31.

What does that mean for you?

The socialization of media and the democratization of influence is changing everything, from how consumers find places, products, and services, how and where they share their experiences, and eventually, where they will spend their time and money. Without an understanding of, or participation in, social networks, we are absent from shaping or contributing to the decision making process of those who define the health and success of our business. Yes, right now, decisions are made with or without us.

We can no longer ignore or minimize the changes unfolding before us. Everything begins without fully knowing what to do, why it’s important and whether or not we’re doing everything the right way. But it is in the process of engagement that we learn and mature.

While Social Media cheat-sheets and short cuts are available almost everywhere you look, the truth is that we have some work ahead of us. In short, you get out of it, what you invest.

Engage or die!

Please consider reading, Engage!: It might just change the way you think about Social Media

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  1. Dan Collins says:

    Your book “Exchange” is a marked exception to the majority of books in the social media sphere. It provides actionable intelligence and insight to what those who wish to leverage this communication medium in business need. Brian -Thank you for cutting to the chase.

  2. Really surprised by the average Myspace age. I thought that had tanked when everyone transitioned over to Facebook.

  3. Mary O'Brien says:

    While not surprised, I am glad to see some concrete data on the age of users across various social networks. I only anticipate the average age increasing as user adoption continues — the young and tech-savvy are usually on the cutting-edge of these trends. As sites like Facebook and MySpace have become mainstream, it's not surprising that niche sites have formed (ie, or that median age on the mainstream sites has increased. To me, this is a sign that these are viable not only for B2C marketing but also increasingly for B2B marketing. Social networks aren't just for kids anymore, but also marketers, business executives, and decision-makers.

  4. Hi Brian. Interesting observations that are certainly worth considering. I love your book and your blog, but there is something I have to comment on. The stock photos you use on your blog are not worth your standards. They are in my opinion, superficial and does not live up to your otherwise lovely honest approach to online communications. Think about it. Anyway, thanks for your excellent and inspiring work with social media.

    • briansolis says:

      Martin, it's an interesting comment…thank you for sharing. When I used other pictures that were more representative of the honest approach, others suggested that they were too off putting. I guess I'll need to find the balance.

    • I believe social media is about honesty and being close to the people, you are trying to reach. Real photos of real situations brings us closer to the people sharing. I would rather like to see a photo of your desk, a screenshot etc. something real, instead of a random girl in a picture with obvious symbolics…

      (I apologize my poor english writing skills, I'm from Denmark:-)

    • laurentiubancu says:

      I totally agree with you!

    • briansolis says:

      Trying a new image…

  5. Go2Mach2 says:

    Thanks Brian…

    Social Media age chart was interesting. I agree we all have more to understand about the true nature of Social Media networking and the best way to utilize it.

    The question I often hear from clients is: “What is the best strategy for me in this area”. The answer is: “It depends” – and there lies the dilemma. Most companies have still not integrated Socia Media into their overall “Business Strategy”, never mind their Marketing Strategies. This form of marketing requires an investment of both time and some dollar commitment – and their are still enough glitches in the news i.e., the Facebook privacy issues, to slow down many mid-size companies.

    The solution – Keep working on it! I believe as more metrics become available to better evaluate the effects of Social Media Marketing (the Bottom Line effects), the easier it will become to identify the strategies that are effective versus those that might sound good but have very little benefit to a company's bottom line.

    Again…Thanks for a good post…

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