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This is Your Time to Make a Difference: Engage or Die

We live in amazing times. Perhaps what makes it so special is that the present is rewriting the future for so many things held sacred over the years. So many industries, processes, politics, beliefs and myths clouded or seized our responsibility and capacity to force innovation and ultimately the change that is needed and long overdue. At the root of this however, is what fuels evolution and revolution…


You helped define social media.

You helped democratize the ability to create and share information.

You equalized influence.

You are defining the future of how we connect and communicate with one another.

This is why once invincible organizations and industries are seeking your help to earn relevance today and in the future.

I wrote Engage to help you seize this moment – to help you find the answers not only for yourself but for those around you.

My good friend Andrew Landini of Landini Media helped me create a trailer for Engage to visually capture the importance of the role you play in shaping the new horizon for media, business, and society.  Besides, why should Hollywood have all the fun with trailers?

This is your time to make a difference…

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Please consider reading, Engage!: It will help you find answers to your questions…


Get Putting the Public Back in Public Relations and The Conversation Prism:

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  2. I LOVE the trailer Brian! I hope people will get the message and not miss the incredibly opportunity at hand. You are right, the world is waiting for us to speak up and engage!

  3. MichaelGNoble says:

    AWESOME TRAILER!!! I can't wait to get my copy in the mail! In the meantime I am downloading it to my kindle as I'm typing this. Thanks for Brian an essential tool such as this

  4. Awesome Trailer, I want to get the rest of the content soon to get my questions answered. Great work Brian thanks for sharing.

  5. This is sucha a great trailer. I'm looking forward to it in the near future. continue to do great things such as this.

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