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Twitter’s New #Music App Released, CNET and Brian Solis Discuss the Move

Twitter’s latest big move may be evidence that its goal is to create — and control — a series of media channels across music, TV, movies, and more. CNET’s Daniel Terdiman and Brian Solis discuss the impact of #Music and why Twitter is moving into this channel.

Here are the highlights

“I think what Twitter is really trying to do with #Music and Vine and what else is to come in the pipeline is to really become this cultural epicenter for all things digital,” said Brian Solis, the principal analyst at the Altimeter Group. “As Twitter looks to increase advertising revenue, they need to increase the user base and engagement among that user base and really just look at a more mainstream type of user. The music service is one way to do that.”

Solis thinks that the channel model could very well be what Twitter is trying to do, all in the name of generated a more integrated user experience, regardless of someone’s personal interests. “I sometimes joke and call [Twitter] TNN, the Twitter News Network, looking at it almost as a little cable channel in its own right,” Solis said. “You have tweets, movies, television, news, and Vines.”

But Solis thinks that initiatives like #Music could expand that potential. Given that the app lets people not just discover new artists and songs, but also purchase music, he thinks that the service is “a blessing to labels,” and could let Twitter charge substantial fees to promote new artists. The same could eventually apply to Hollywood studios.

Solis does wonder if users will have to be trained to use the stand-alone app, given that it’s not — as of yet — integrated into the core Twitter experience. That could pose a challenge to the service’s growth. But it’s also easy to imagine that Twitter launched #Music — and Vine, for that matter — in order to get people using it right now, and might very well integrate one or both directly into Twitter later on.

Read the entire article here.

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