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Venture Beat Features Q&A with Brian Solis


Venture Beat’s Christina Farr sat down with Brian Solis to discuss his new book, WTF, digital anthropology, and the rise of Generation C.

Following is an excerpt from the article

Brian Solis has a habit of being in the right place at the right time.

During the late 1990s, Solis attended all the right events, voraciously blogged, and snapped thousands of photos of Silicon Valley’s newly-minted technology elite. He quickly became one of the original “super connectors,” acting as a bridge between tech and digital media influencers around the world.

But it’s far more than good fortune and a strong network — Solis is a futurist of sorts, and has a knack for recognizing trends. He was among the earliest proponents of the social media craze, and founded creative agencies to help businesses utilize Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest.

All this spiralled into an events career (a keynote speaker at SWSX, Solis recently interviewed Shaquille O’Neale, who has become a firm friend), a high-powered analyst gig at Altimeter Group, and a series of bestselling novels on the business of social media.

I caught up with Solis in the weeks after the release of his new book, “What’s the Future of Business, Changing the way businesses create experiences.” As he explains, the book offers honest insights into how businesses can reach “Generation C” (the C stands for connected), and the most common mistakes to avoid.

Visit VentureBeat to read the full interview.

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