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Los Angeles Times Compares Facebook’s Instagram Video to Twitter’s Vine with Brian Solis


When Facebook announced that Instagram would add video, Jessica Guynn of The Los Angeles Times asked Brian Solis and the differences and how users would react.

Following is a snapshot of Solis’ view on the subject…

Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis says Instagram may have a shot at doing for video what its arch-rival has only begun to do: put the new art of short-form video in the hands of millions of people the world over.

Short-form video is taking off because it’s faster, doesn’t need as much bandwidth and works well on the smaller screens of mobile devices. But watching videos that friends shoot and share can often be a “painful experience,” Solis said.

You are introducing video storytelling to 130 million people within a community of 1.1 billion people,” Solis said. “I think Instagram is not only going to popularize short-form video, it’s going to socialize it.”

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