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CNBC Explores the Role Twitter Plays in Customer Service with Brian Solis


CNBC’s Meghan Lisson spoke to Brian Solis about his views on Twitter’s new role in customer service and whether or not businesses are ready to Tweet back.

Here are some of Solis’ thoughts from the article.

Faced with shrinking digital attention spans, brands must compete to stay relevant. It’s adapt or die, said Brian Solis, principal analyst at the Altimeter Group and the author of ”What’s the Future of Business?

“This is a true customer revolution,” Solis said. “Once you become more connected, you become more informed. Once you become more informed, you become more empowered. Once you become more empowered, you become more expressive. And once you become more expressive, you become more demanding.”

“Twitter is going to be here and it’s going to continue to disrupt everything: politics, education, business,” said Solis. “It’s yours to define, and it’s yours to ignore.”

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