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Author Paul Gillin interviews Brian Solis for Huffington Post


Paul Gillin, author of many popular business book including Attack of the Customers, his most recent release, interviewed Brian Solis to discuss the upcoming Pivot Conference along with his views on the state of customer experience and business innovation. In an article meant to shake things up starting with the headline, “It’s the Customer Experience, Stupid,” Gillin and Solis explore disruption, innovation and the need for businesses to change at the top.

Solis believes customer experience is the only sustainable advantage in a world in which customers call all the shots. He also believes few CEOs know what’s about to hit them.

“They’re confident because they’re profitable today and their forecasts say profitability will continue,” he told Gillin. But just ask leaders of Best Buy, Borders, The Washington Post Company and Blockbuster where market leadership got them. The pace of disruption is only going to increase, and companies that don’t understand and integrate customer experience from soup to nuts are going to be fall victim to Digital Darwinism, Solis believes.

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