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The Nation: The art and science of influencing your customers’ experience


The Nation recently discussed the importance of customer experience. More than merely reacting to it, the article discusses how to proactively influence it. The inspiration for this topic stems from Brian Solis’ most recent book, What’s the Future (WTF) of Business: Changing the way businesses create experiences.

Following is an excerpt. Please read the original article here.

Information from your customer journey is a great source of valuable insight about your customers.

Define where you can make an impact

This is the art of understanding the “moments of truth” for your customers. Brian Solis, the author of “What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences”, explains that to shape a meaningful experience, you need four moments of truth.

Zero. Your customers learn about you through Google before they interface with your products or outlet. They grab their laptop, mobile phone or some other wired device and start learning about a product or service they’re thinking about trying or buying. What they find will influence their next steps.

First. Your customers see your product and form impressions.

Second. People feel, think, see, hear, touch, smell and sometimes taste as they experience your product over time. It’s also how your company supports them in their efforts throughout the relationship.

Ultimate. People share their experience with others, most likely through media, which creates the cycle loop back into the zero moment for other customers. Many companies now ask whether they do well enough in creating positive and memorable events or artefacts to allow people to snap and share their positive experience when encountering their products or service.

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