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ADWEEK: Brands are repurposing social memes into multi-platform campaigns


ADWEEK’s Michelle Castillo examined how brands are using new social platforms to test a new wave of meme-style ads. Brian Solis was asked for his thoughts on the subject.


Brands are constantly seeking creative ways to make their pricey campaigns pay off in more ways than one. But computer giant HP hit the jackpot by turning its Vine campaign for the HP Pavilion x360 convertible laptop into a first-of-its-kind national TV commercial.

“The clever thing about the HP ad is that the product is also the hero,” said Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis. “You don’t even have to know its Vine stars to be able to appreciate what they did.”

Solis added that more marketers are repurposing social media or memes. Fiat’s recent TV ads were made out of GIFs, while Samsung sourced the creative for its What Matters Most campaign from Instagram photographers. But he cautioned that using unknown online personalities or memes might not translate. “It’s not going to work for brands who repurpose content across platforms because of laziness. They have to understand the medium and the message,” he said.

Read the entire article at ADWEEK.

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