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TheStreet: 9 1 inShare Link Comment Do Twitter and Facebook Have to Fear Justin Bieber-Backed Shots?

Jenn Van Grove writing for TheStreet dug into the rumors of whether or not Twitter would acquire Shots. Speculation aside, the Shots  twenty-something and younger female demographic is both coveted and elusive by advertisers. An acquisition by any network would be strategic in any monetization strategy.

Van Grove reached out to Brian Solis, among others, for comment…

If sharing a selfie seems like a ridiculous form of communication, then you’re most likely not a user of mobile application Shots, the latest craze among teens and the hot-girl startup all the venture capitalists want a piece of.

Silly though they may sound, selfies are no joke. Taking photographs of oneself is a legitimate form of communication, just like sending 140 character updates, Alitimeter Group Principal Analyst Brian Solis told TheStreet. Sorry haters, but Solis, who studies trends in digital media, says selfies are here to stay.

“I think a lot of people misinterpret selfies. [The form of communication] is a way of saying, ‘Here I am. Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s what I’m feeling’,” he said. “Any network that promotes connectivity around that type of communication is really going to win.”

Read the article in full at TheStreet.

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