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Mashable: BuzzFeed Television? Maybe it’s closer than you think

by Jason Abbruzzese, Mashable

Arianna Huffington built The Huffington Post into a global digital media empire, while Jonah Peretti, who helped found HuffPo, went on to co-found BuzzFeed, turned into a digital juggernaut that could soon be valued at $1.5 billion. The former colleagues now stand at the vanguard of the new media industry, watched and discussed and speculated about all the time for clues about where digital media is going.

But both of digital media’s big empire-builders are looking in another direction: Television.

You can see why TV, with its rich paydays, beckons.

“Most of these guys have investors,” said Brian Solis, digital analyst at Altimeter Group. “Once you put money in, you want a return, and television promises a big return.”

“The idea of TV is bigger than its ever been,” Solis said.

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