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[New eBook] Attention is Currency, Featuring Brian Solis and Hugh MacLeod

By Jason Miller, LinkedIn

We tend to assume that because consumers are consumers, they will naturally consume everything we produce. So it becomes easy to think of our work as just “content.” And to think of “marketing” as the publishing and promotion of said content.

In an era when the flow of content is accelerating while the adult attention span is declining, we need to move beyond these assumptions – we need to focus on the human aspects of engagement.

Solving for this modern marketer’s dilemma requires mindfulness, and mindfulness is exactly what you’ll find when you read Attention Is Currency.

This new collaboration from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions combines the profound insights of Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis with the thought-provoking illustrations of Gapingvoid’s Hugh MacLeod to produce an exclusive eBook for marketers that takes a fun and unique approach to storytelling. Fasten your marketing seatbelts for a story told through one-of-a-kind visuals and expert insights that will enlighten and delight while addressing one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today; how to earn and retain attention through remarkable content.

By downloading Attention Is Currency, you will discover the following:

How to break through internet clutter and keep your audience from drowning in a sea of content mediocrity.

The definition of true engagement and what to do with someone’s attention once you have it.

Why every touch point matters and how to deliver value at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

How to pull this all together into a winning content marketing strategy.

Attention is something we all earn, spend, and value. Discover how to earn attention and create mutually beneficial consumer experiences that matter by downloading your copy of Attention Is Currency.

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