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The Hero’s Journey to Digital Transformation

I spent some time with Bernhard Steimel to help him with research for his “Smart Service” series. He sent over the audio files from our conversation for review. He organized them into snackable formats to make it easier for me to follow the conversation. It was so well done that he’s allowing me to share the discussion with you.

Each audio segment ranges between two and four minutes.

I hope these brief segments help you in some way…

1. The End of Business as Usual and state of the business technology landscape

2. The dynamic customer journey, the four moments of truth and the need for internal collaboration and innovation

3. Generation-C (Connected), the new customer and inspiration for business transformation

4. The Hero’s Journey and the psychology of change

5. The six stages of social business maturity

6. This is a time for leadership not management…and, leadership can come from anywhere

7. The road to digital transformation

8. The “hero” in the hero’s journey is you & the human algorithm

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  1. JC Giraldo says:

    I am listening you now in SoundCloud… I like the way just shorts “Podcast”

  2. My listening today sorted – thank you!

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