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Inc.: 25 Marketing Influencers Who Will Help You Dominate 2016

by: Dave Kerpen, Inc. (Excerpt)

It’s no secret that 2016 is going to be a roller coaster ride of a year. The Dow had its worst start to a new year on record. We’re in a presidential election year, and there’s no telling how that’ll play out. New companies and trends are emerging in different industries; the way we communicate is constantly evolving.

Knowing this, it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve, and that means listening to and following influencers who can help keep a pulse on the marketing industry and prepare you for the future.

People often confuse influence with how many Twitter followers someone has. However, some of the most influential people are influential because of the relationships they build with others, their unique knowledge and positions, who they know, and how they know you.

In that vein, here’s a list of 25 marketing influencers–from up-and-comers to established industry leaders–who are sure to help you dominate this year[…]

Brian Solis, principal analyst, Altimeter Group

He is one of the first leaders of digital influence and marketing, having worked with some of the most recognized brands, startups, celebrities, and industry leaders. If anyone understands the complications progress purveys, it’s Brian Solis. At Altimeter Group, he serves as the company point man when adapting disruptive, emerging tech to traditional business models.

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