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LinkedIn’s The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Brian Solis on Experiential Marketing


by: Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast

When marketers design a truly exceptional, seamless customer experience, the results are magical. Take Disneyland, for example. Every detail of the park is designed to create an immersive experience, from the underground trash removal system to the forced-perspective buildings.

Disney definitely rocks experiential marketing—that is, intentionally designing every part of an experience to delight customers, from the top of the funnel through building a lasting relationship. To see how marketers can borrow some of that Disney magic for themselves, I went straight to the experiential marketing man himself: Brian Solis. Brian is a Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, a LinkedIn Influencer, and a guy with some very, very big ideas for the future of marketing.

Brian’s new book X: The Experience When Business Meets Design is a primer on, and an example of, experiential marketing at its finest. He designed the book as an “analog app,” illustrating his ideas while teaching marketers how to implement them.

Talking with Brian frequently feels like spending time in the future, and this chat was no exception. Join us as we discuss experiential marketing, personal branding, and the contentious Guns ‘n’ Roses reunion (no Izzy? Are we okay with that?).

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Listen in on the conversation as Brian and I discuss:

The Variable Value of the Personal Brand: Which is better, building a personal brand or building a community bigger than yourself? Brian confesses he’s his “own worst marketer,” and ponders the pitfalls of focusing too much on the cult of personality.

What Is Experiential Marketing? Brian details what exactly “experience architecting” means. Hint: It starts with empathy, and it extends all the way through the customer lifecycle.

Where Corporate Social Media Went Wrong: What happened to all the great stories of exceptional customer service on social media? Brian wonders if the grind of day-to-day business “popped the balloon” of social media enthusiasm, and discusses how we can get our groove back.

How Experiential Marketing Works for B2B: Brian talks about how B2B marketers can approach designing an experience for the “ultimate customer,” their clients’ end users.

Brian is a bona fide marketing visionary, a genuinely nice guy, and has excellent taste in music (we recently spotted each other at a Metallica concert). Thanks for joining me, Brian, and thanks to all of you for listening, rating, and sharing the podcast.

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