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MarTech Education: Brian Solis Believes Your Digital Transformation Needs the Structure of a Clear Strategy

by Noreen Seebacher, MarTech Education

In this detailed article, MarTech Education studies the third State of Digital Transformation Report by Brian Solis and his research team and elaborates on its findings regarding the “sorry state of digital transformation. ”


The findings are not especially surprising — but they aren’t pretty either. As Brian Solis, lead author of the report and principal analyst with Altimeter, explains, digital transformation is a high-level goal in search of a strategy.

The research found many companies are still struggling with technological and human challenges of digital transformation. They tend to embrace the concept in fits and starts, making reactive, siloed attempts at change because they lack a clearly defined vision of where they want to go. […]

Solis agrees that it’s time to take a broad, holistic approach to digital transformation.

‘While customer experience is often cited as a focal point for initial digital transformation, the same digital factors affecting customers also influence employees,” he wrote.

This year, Solis updated his survey to track the growing importance of employees in digital transformation. “In 2017 “employee behaviors and preferences” shares the top spot as a primary factor driving digital transformation. We expect employee engagement and experience (EX) to grow in importance in 2018 and 2019,” he noted.

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