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Qubist: Brian Solis opens #WAVE17 Influence 2.0 Marketing Summit

by Nigel, Qubist

Brian Solis is opening the WAVE 2017 Influence 2.0 Marketing Summit currently with an inspiring talk about influencer marketing – how it is, how it should be and how it’s evolving.

Is influence the same as popularity? What even is influence?


We all think we are Kim Kardashian now

Brian is sharing his vision of Influence 2.0 and why as an industry we need to completely re-think how we have approached ‘influencer marketing’, including customer and employee advocacy.

When people think of influencers, they may think of celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Brian’s contention is that we are all at the centre of everything we do – social media means we are all Kim Kardashian now.

Real people shape the behaviours of people in their networks. People trust people. Real humans make influence work. As marketers, if we can help people find information and recommendations among the people who they trust… that’s real influence.

“Influence is the ability to cause effect or change behaviour”

Influence isn’t likes, it isn’t views, comments or shares… it’s actually affecting change.

The challenge for marketers is how to tap into this – not with celebrities, but with the ‘accidental narcissists’ – everyday people.


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